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Insights Mains Test Series – 2019: Year-long Scheme – Details and Timetable

Insights Mains Test Series – 2019:

Year-long Scheme – Details and Timetable

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NOTE: The following details are applicable to both ONLINE and OFFLINE Mains Test Series – 2019. These tests are flexible (offline students can write tests on all 7 days of the week between 10 am to 7.30 pm). You can schedule these as per your convenience and submit for evaluation. 

We are launching TWO test  series for UPSC civil services Mains – 2019.  One is of 3.5 months duration (Read Details here) and the other one is a year-long test series. Students who have subscribed for 3.5 months test series can later (after 27th October) upgrade to year-long test series. 

The following post is about year-long test series which is being launched keeping in mind interests of various sections of UPSC civil services aspirants community. 

Details of Year-long Mains Test Series – 2019:

Total Number of Tests – 30 (12 Sectional Tests + 12 full length tests + 6 Essay Papers)

  •  General Studies 1,2 and 3 will have 20 questions each in all tests
  •  Ethics paper will have 19 Questions (13 from Section – A and 6 Case studies) in all tests
  •  Essay Paper will consist of 8 topics in all tests
  • As of now this test series doesn’t carry any packages. 


  •  There will be on an average 10 days gap between each General Studies test
  •  Before prelims – 12 Sectional tests + 4 essay + 4 Full length revision tests
  •  After prelims – 8 Full length (2 for each GS paper) + 2 Essay
  •  The last set of GS tests is placed in September 2019 to ensure that it is close to Mains 2019 so that latest current affairs can be covered and you get used to writing 2 tests per day before the Mains test


Download Detailed Timetable Here (PDF) and Here (XLS)


For 30 Tests, which includes comprehensive evaluation and feedback + detailed synopsis + on time delivery of evaluated copies – we have kept price at Rs 27,000/- inclusive of 18% GST.


Registrations for this test series will be open on 22 October 2019 at (as of now registrations are open only to 3.5 months test series program.) Till then, if you have made up your mind to join this test series, you can prepare for Essay and GS Test – 1 together. 


  • 4 Sectional Essay tests  – Helps in covering / getting an idea about all the themes before prelims
  • 2 Full length after prelims
  • We will be giving you outlines for all essay in addition to brief write-up on approach to each topic

GS Papers

  •  Each paper is divided into 3 sections so that in 10 days gap you can properly plan, read and prepare for each test. 
  •  Important, dynamic and bulky subjects like Polity, Economy are kept in the beginning so that you can gain better understanding and help in better understanding of the current affairs
  • Common subjects with the prelims are covered before January 20; So helps in both Mains and prelims preparation


For every test we will provide detailed synopsis. For this test series we have put a dedicated team which will research topic carefully and create to the point, accurate model answers for all questions of all tests. For Essay papers, we will give you approach and general outline for all topics (model essays will not be provided)

Benefits of year-long test series:

  • This test series is designed to help you not to lose focus on Mains preparation during exam preparation and at the same time overcome all your Mains GS + Essay papers related weaknesses before Prelims itself. 
  • Insights has gained very good experience in giving quality feedback – which is genuine and is in the interest of helping its students improve their marks with certainty. We are using this experience to help you become a serious contender to get rank. 
  • Designed in Essay + GS (1-4) papers format so that the student stays in touch with all the papers throughout the length of the test series.
  • Chance to improve your answer writing skills along with prelims preparation
  • Chance to correct any grave mistakes in answer writing before prelims so that you are ready to just focus on content in your answers after prelims rather than worrying about your structure and presentation of answers.
  • First leg of  Test Series will be completed by 30 March, 2019 – You will get 2 months for Prelims preparation
  • There will be no tests on Sundays so that you can write your prelims tests.
  • Flexible format – Plan according to your own convenience. As you have sufficient gap, plan wisely and give all tests. 
  • If you follow the test series strictly and submit on time, you will be done with your mains syllabus once before February 20.


  • You will have to download question cum answer booklet from our Mains portal, take print out, write answers and then upload neatly scanned copy (poorly scanned copies will not be evaluated).
  • Evaluation of your papers will be done by highly qualified and trained evaluators which includes UPSC toppers 
  • Evaluation will be done comprehensively and your performance will be rated on different parameters which we at Insights have evolved separately for General Studies papers(1,2 and 3), Ethics and Essay papers. These parameters are printed  in question cum answer booklets. 
  •  Your strengths and weaknesses will be identified so that you get to know what to stick to and what to improve/work on. These will be written in your answer booklet comprehensively so that you can go back anytime and work on our feedback (i.e work on your mistakes)
  • Evaluated copies will be uploaded within 10 business days of submission. We will go extra mile to ensure that you will get evaluated copies within 10 working days (excluding any Saturdays/Sundays/other holidays in between)
  • We urge you to give these tests on the same day so that there is no backlog for you. This is good for you as you will see great improvement in all aspects by the end of the series. 
  • You can submit answer copies of first leg of test series (27 October 2018 to  30 March 2019) till 5 April 2019 to get them evaluated. On request we will make few exceptions where we will evaluate copies of first leg of test series after Prelims – 2019 as well. 
  • During the second leg of this test series i.e. post-Prelims 2019 part, the last day of submission of answer scripts is 10 September 2019. 

We successfully conducted recent Mains Test Series – 2018 which has received very good reviews from all aspirants. We will make both year-long and 3.5 months test series the best in India in terms of quality, commitment and outcomes. You can trust us. 

For all Mains Test Series related queries please contact: