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INSIGHTS PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2019: Registrations Open Now!



Registrations Open Now!


insights prelims test series 2019

UPSC civil services preliminary(CSP) exam – 2018  was tough. Keeping in mind both the kind of  questions asked by UPSC in CSP-2018 and future possibility of making CSP exam even tougher, we are launching our most comprehensive test series to help you prepare better for CSP-2019.

How will you get ready for CSP-2019 knowing that it’s going to be tough?

  1. You should do self-study – lots of it. You should start from basics. You should rely on your own intellect to improve your knowledge and ability. But, you need a direction and framework for this. Joining a test series such as ours is intended for this. CSP-2018 has made it very clear that buying tests in the end and mugging facts will not help you anymore. You must be do self-study from day-1 with multiple revisions and study authentic sources.  
  2. Conceptual clarity – If you possess strong conceptual clarity, you can solve any kind of concept based question with confidence. Conceptual clarity gets you more marks in Mains as well. A good test series will provide you an opportunity to build your concepts by recommending you authentic sources and then checking your concepts from variety of angles.
  3. Consistency – If you are consistent from day one in finishing targets and giving tests, you will fare well in prelims compared to those who in the end buy all tests and expect questions to come from these tests in UPSC prelims. We have witnessed time and again in our offline program that those who give tests as per timetable improve a lot compared to those who are either irregular or those who buy tests in photocopy shop and expect to clear prelims.
  4. Your preparation must have discipline. Our Prelims Test Series Timetable, which is now very comprehensive and which has taken care of even micro-details such as chapters of each book recommended, will keep you in loop throughout the year. 
  5. Weekly tests will give you much needed targets in terms of syllabus completion and certain marks to achieve week after week to assess progress in your exam preparation. 
  6. You will be competing with thousands of serious aspirants across India. All India ranks will let you know where you stand in this tough competition.
  7. Revision is ingrained in this timetable from first test to last test. There are ‘study gaps’ for you to revise effectively everything you have read and test its effectiveness through our tests. Moreover, for every test you will have to revise previous test syllabus as we will be including 15% of previous tests’ syllabus in each test. For example, second test will have 15% questions on the first test. Likewise, 20th test will have 15% questions from Test 1 to Test 19 syllabi. 
  8. To face CSP-2018 like questions, you need to solve variety of questions to get smart at elimination and guessing right options. This is very crucial. CSP-2018 was not tough because of its coverage of syllabus, it was tough because of the smarter (or dumber as per your interpretation) way questions were framed by paper setter. Options were so close that in many questions it was difficult to choose between two options. We did set such papers in our 2017 Test series (we were accused of unnecessarily setting papers very difficult and vague sometimes). However, this year we will help you from the beginning to solve more such questions.
  9. This doesn’t mean all tests will be difficult henceforth. Certain portion of test will be difficult – similar to CSP-2018. But rest of the paper will be testing your basics and effectiveness of your preparation. There will always be element of surprise in our tests. Add to this ‘instructive’ nature of many questions – which seek to provide you important concepts/facts which you would have missed during preparation.
  10. The ultimate aim of our test series is to make your exam preparation robust and disciplined.  Through test series we cover wide range of sources and topics from exam point of view.  From the first test series to the present, we have never provided test series to provide you with a question bank of ‘expected questions’. Some questions, by luck might get repeated. If at all the get repeated, it’s not crime to feel elated. 
  11. What we definitely assure is coverage of all important topics. If questions don’t get repeated, certainly the topics (even at micro level) get repeated in exam. It’s just that you should as a student do bit of extra research on these topics and remember important relevant details. You should not just stick to questions and solutions and expect magic to happen in real exam. You must explore concepts and facts in original sources from different dimensions to be able to answer CSP-2018 like questions. For example, if we ask a question on Longitude that passes through Delhi and Bangalore, you should find out which other latitudes pass through other such two/three important cities/metros. You should also go a step further to explore same with Latitudes passing through important cities/cultural/geographical sites. This is how you prepare for the worst (and then don’t blame test series for everything!)
  12. This year we will go one extra step to GUIDE you from the beginning about elimination and intelligent guessing techniques through various articles (based on previous year UPSC papers).
  13. To face ‘uncertainty’ that’s associated with the UPSC, the best way is to always prepare for the worst – both mentally and intellectually. Mental preparation to deal with stress, anxiety and fear. Intellectual preparation to think clearly at deeper level to see through facts (judging which is correct and incorrect). These two attributes can be cultivated only through intense preparation aided by able guidance – which we intend to do this year through our website and test series program. 
  14. More than anything, you should revise same sources multiple times to remember better. If you go for too many sources you will end up remembering nothing much and blame us. If you sincerely follow our current affairs, daily quizzes and test series, with multiple revisions, you will be in a better position to answer tricky questions. 

Features of Test Series:

  1. Test series includes total of 44 Tests (32 General Studies Paper-1 + 12 CSAT – all full length) We have reduced GS tests to ensure more quality and very less errors. As there were many tests to be prepared within less time, few errors (typos) were creeping in. This year we will strive our best to provide error – free tests. 
  2. There is no Hindi Medium test series this year. There were issues with translation. As we want to provide highest quality tests, we are discontinuing Hindi medium. 
  3. Timetable is carefully prepared to include all relevant and helpful sources. There are many slots for revision. Time allotted for revision is one of the main features of this year’s timetable.
  4. Free Mains Static Tests with Synopsis. 
  5. All India Ranking 
  6. Category -wise analysis of each test. 
  7. Reduced and very affordable price (CSAT + GS Paper-1)
  8. Discount of 20 percent for all old subscribers (2014-2018) – Closed
  9. Improved support – answering queries/doubts. 

There are many features which you will discover worth the price you pay once you subscribe and start giving tests. 


Do read testimonials from our toppers who relied heavily on our test series to clear prelims. You can read them here. Or you can read here at our Topper’s Corner. 

Our offline and OGP students have performed very well in Prelims – 2019. They too will write their testimonials when they get top ranks in CSE-2018. 


Rs 6990/- (including 18% GST). This includes both CSAT + GS Paper – 1 tests (Total 44 Tests)

One of the reason why we have reduced price is to prevent piracy. To run this website where we share so much free materials, this involves lots of expenditure. We hope you understand and subscribe to test series instead of buying pirated copies. 

We believe this is small fees from our online students to sustain and maintain quality of our free initiatives such as Secure questions, Secure Synopsis, Daily CA quiz, Daily static quiz, Daily Mindmaps, Daily current affairs, Revision modules, Yojana summary and Daily editorials etc. 

As a follower of this website on a regular basis, we hope you will consider it as a small fees and continue to support us. Thank you.


  1. Registrations are open from 6th June, 2018 to May 30, 2019. 
  2. First test will start from 8th July. You have plenty of time to prepare for the first test. You will know when you give first test why opting for Insights Test Series is the best investment you make when you prepare for UPSC civil services exam. 


A detailed article explaining how you should integrate prelims and mains preparation for UPSC civil services exam – 2019 will be published later (First week of July 2018). 


There will be offline test series as well. As of now offline test series will be conducted ONLY in Bangalore. You can register (from Saturday, June 9 2018) for the same on our



Download detailed timetable from below link:

Insights Prelims Test Series 2019 Timetable


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