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MOTIVATION (For CS Prelims – 2018): Fear is Just a Figment of Your Imagination

MOTIVATION (For CS Prelims – 2018)

Fear is Just a Figment of Your Imagination


Hope you are not fed up with the overdose of motivation!

This one is the last dose of motivation for your tomorrow’s exam. 

Tomorrow when you wake up (in case you sleep tonight!), what would be the change that you would notice around you? Things and people around you will be the same as they have been all along. The day is going to be another Sunday in your life. You have the power to make it special or disastrous. When you wake up tomorrow, if you expect the day to be exciting, it’s going to be exciting even if you encounter series of unfortunate events. Doesn’t matter whether the exam you are going to give tomorrow is your first or last, second or fifth, if you are excited to give it, it’s going to be a cakewalk. 

Tomorrow, attitude matters a lot more than your knowledge. Perfectly or imperfectly, you have acquired sufficient knowledge to clear prelims. After all, it’s just a screening test. All you need to do is sleep for minimum 7 hours tonight, wake up with lots of excitement, finish all morning chores and head to exam centre with a big smile on your face – no matter what part of syllabus you haven’t touched, no matter how many tests you have missed, no matter how many revisions you have missed; One and only thing that matters tomorrow is your positive attitude. Only with positive outlook you can acquire that confidence to (f)ace any kind of paper tomorrow. 

On the other hand if you are experiencing fear or all kind of negative feelings, tomorrow they will make things worse and ruin your entire year’s (or 2-3 years’) hard work and sacrifice. Fear is your own child. You create it in your mind. You should realise that it’s just a figment of imagination, hence you should immediately ignore all negative feelings that are affecting you. By being unhappy as a result of fear or anxiety, you are making your loved ones unhappy too. You will also make yourself more unhappy be not doing well in exam. 

Life is meaningful only when you make people around you happy. A simple smile on your face not only lightens your heart, it also makes people around you smile and feel happy. 

Once you are relaxed, it’s easy to sail through any difficult situation. Tomorrow’s exam is not a difficult stage of your life. It’s a necessary evil that you have to face to serve the larger purpose you are dreaming day and night. You should have the courage to face it head on with the attitude of fearless warrior. 

Finally, ask yourself what’s most important for you in your life. This exam is one of the means to achieve what’s important for you. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. What this means is that you should be aware that there are many opportunities around you which you should make use of. Or create your own opportunities. However, this is the last option.

For now, give your best shot tomorrow. To give your best shot, be excited and feel happy about your intentions and goals. You have the power to create your own happy moments despite the gloom around you. If you have difficulty smiling tomorrow, remember the smiling faces of your loved ones – mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, a close friend, your pet, Johny Lever or Jackie Chan. 

If possible, go to exam with a friend or parents  – who always make you feel good. In case you are going alone, well, look around for happy faces (rare, but you will find few here and there) and just smile. Or smile at your own fate for choosing this field over others! Somehow, lighten yourself and brace for the exam that’s not going to decide how you lead your life. 

As soon as you get the paper, solve it. Don’t think about anything else. Don’t let few difficult questions take you to the land of fear where you see all sorts of your bleak future and blur your vision (of life). If you calmly look at those difficult questions with a smilie (even a wry smile will do), you will realise that they are not so difficult actually. Try this tomorrow. 

Wish you all the best. You will rock tomorrow. If not in your preparation, believe in your ability as an individual to face these small difficulties in life. Gather all the courage and keep it with you till 4 pm tomorrow. 

Forget all pressures and focus only on sleep now. Always remember that a day (and night) is as good as we want it to be. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, both for you and us. Let’s stay positive and make this Sunday special.