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OGP-2019: Further Details and Update on Telephone Interview


OGP-2019: Further Details and Update on Telephone Interview


insights OGP-2019

Hope you have already read about details of OGP-2019. In this post, we are letting you know what are the things that you can expect in OGP-2019:

We have learnt a lot from OGP-2018 experience and we are going to make OGP-2019 better and the best in India. 

  1. First two months will be dedicated to NCERT (we will focus on basics keeping in mind freshers). There will be full synchronisation between what you read, what’s taught in class and what’s going to be asked on weekly full length prelims Mock Tests. 
  2. You will give nearly 30+ Prelims Mocks for GS-1 paper
  3. You will give nearly 10 full length CSAT tests
  4. You will get CSAT classes
  5. In OGP-2018 Ethics was not included (we did around 4-5 classes even though it was not there in timetable). In OGP-2019, proper Ethics classes will be conducted
  6. You will give 200+ small tests (MCQs + Descriptive combined)
  7. You will give 30+ Core Tests
  8. You will be forced to write at least 30 Essays, 250+ Optional answers and nearly 1200+ GS answers during the course of OGP-2019 (we will keep forcing you on this. It’s you who should write.)
  9. Dedicated answer writing and essay classes (In OGP-2018 we did 3-4 sessions, but in OGP-2019, this will be a regular affair)
  10. You can approach faculty anytime for personal feedback(answer evaluation) and guidance
  11. Regular ranking for all prelims and full length Mains exams.
  12. Nearly 55 Hours of classes on Polity, History, Geography, Economics and Current Affairs EACH. 
  13. All classes will be slightly advanced and seek to empower to write good answers in Mains (it’s in Mains that you get rank, hence our classes will help you write better answers and essays)
  14. Mentor groups from Day-1 based on Optional subjects. Each mentor will motivate you to stay on track till you get a rank. You should impose faith and follow their instructions.
  15. We will regularly update and motivate you on Telegram Groups.
  16. You will get the best support in case you need any assistance of any sort while you stay in Bangalore. We are recruiting more people to serve you better. 

Thanks to OGP-2018, you will have the best experience in OGP-2019.

Alway remember that you are coming here to get good guidance, best atmosphere for studies and a health competition to evolve and succeed. You should come here only if you are extremely determined to crack this exam in ONE attempt.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s very hectic here. Come here if you love challenges. Come here if you want ruthless competitive atmosphere where you want to excel. 

We don’t want to take students who have zero knowledge about this exam because of following reasons:

  1. If you have zero knowledge about this exam, that means you are not serious. You are waiting for someone to teach everything. In this age of internet, you can get all the basics on many websites. We want someone who understands pattern, syllabus and demand of this exam. We want someone who has done their basics. For example, we come across students who have read NCERTS in their final semesters, who are into the habit of reading newspapers. If you belong to this category, apply immediately to OGP-2019. We will push you towards success.
  2. There is another category of students. They keep dreaming about IAS but never bother about reading syllabus, going through previous papers, decide about optional or read newspapers. If you belong to this category, please DON’T apply to OGP-2019. 
  3. If you come here with zero knowledge, you will forget that this exam should be cleared from your own abilities. You will just expect us to do the magic and help you succeed – which is not possible as long as you are not independent and has not habit of doing self-study. 

No coaching institute will help you succeed unless you do your part sincerely. 

At Insights what we do best is to give best timetable, lots of exams,  competitive environment, constant push and motivation. 

We do teach everything. But we want you to not to depend on teaching to succeed here. Your success will be finally determined by your hard work. Come here if you are willing to work hard.

At OGP, you should be willing to seek guidance by approaching faculty. They are available throughout the week. They will never say not to you. It takes patience and courage to approach faculty for feedback. Don’t expect faculty to visit and help you personally. Individual guidance means you should regularly approach faculty and share your experiences. It’s impossible for us to come searching for you and give unsolicited advices! 

One more thing – don’t scout online for reviews(they are biased – positive or negative, and sometimes fake too). We encourage you to personally visit and speak candidly with any of our OGP-2018 students who are studying in our various reading rooms. Even when you meet us personally here, we send you to speak to students to learn the truth (because we can be biased too as it’s our program). 

We are honest in our efforts. If making money was our intention, we would have opened centre everywhere welcoming everyone.

We want students who can really bring positive change in our society.  We want to groom such students to help them get ranks and serve our great country. 


Telephone Interview:

We are scrutinising applications. You will get calls from TOMORROW onwards. After the call, if we are satisfied with your responses, we will send confirmation mail one day after your interview (or on the same day)

If you have already applied but don’t receive any call/mail, please wait for 15 days. In case you don’t get any mail or a call, please mail us at  to finally confirm your selection. We are maintaining a second list (especially those who are yet to start optional but show huge potential). When you mail us, please send us your email ID and phone number (as mentioned in OGP-2019 application). You will get an immediate reply about selection status. 

As it’s a laborious process, this will take some time. We request you to cooperate with patience. 

If someone has not prepared Optional, but badly want to be part of OGP, we will select you and give you time till July to complete at least 70% of Optional. 

To Apply for OGP, click the below image or this link.

insights OGP-2019