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OGP-2019: Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2019 – An Update


An Update on Insights Offline Guidance Program – 2019



We will be posting details about our flagship offline program “Insights Offline Guidance Program (OGP)” within next 2-3 days. We will post details to clear doubts of students who are aspiring to be part of OGP-2019. 

OGP-2018 has been a great success. But its true success will be felt by everyone in 2019 when final results of civil services exam – 2018 will be declared by the UPSC. Mark these words – there will be 2-3 students in Top 10 from Insights OGP-2018 batch. 

If you are aspiring to be part of OGP-2019, as of now please go through these last year posts (Here, Here and Here) to get fair idea about the program. If you are in Bangalore and wants to visit our centre, Click Here for the address. 

This program is for tough ones. We intend to select very determined individuals for this program.

Meanwhile, keep reading The Hindu, NCERT books regularly. But, most importantly, try to complete optional by end of May 2018. 

We intend to admit mostly talented, determined and ambitious freshers, especially those who are in final year/semester of their college, or those who have just passed out last year. If you are one of those who is looking for a program that trains you hard without spoon-feeding you, Insights OGP is your default choice (we mean it). 

Note: This post is written keeping in mind FRESHERS who are skipping Prelims 2018 and wishing to appear in CSE-2019. 

Others who are giving Prelims in 2018, please carry on with your revision.