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EXCLUSIVE: Insights GOVERNMENT SCHEMES Revision Module for UPS Civil Services Preliminary Exam -2018




 Insights IAS Revision Module for UPS Civil Services Preliminary Exam -2018


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In the post we are publishing much needed revision module on Government Schemes for prelims – 2018. This is a very very important document for prelims – 2018.

In this exclusive revision module, we have added more schemes covering schemes that were announced before June 2017.  

In addition to schemes covered in this document, we have also covered many important ones under our Economy Revision module – 2018.

Hope you have revised last two modules (economy and ecology) already. Don’t just download and postpone revising them. revise as and when you get them. These modules consume very less time, but give you high returns. 

Also, we hope you are getting ready to follow our revision timetable.

Download the PDF below:

Insights PT 2018 Exclusive (Government Schemes)