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ETHICS CASE STUDY: Before trekking, what are the precautions that your team should have taken? 

Topic: Ethical concerns and dilemmas 

7) You are part of a trekking expedition to a remote stretch of Western Ghat hill section that has rough terrain and dense forest. The team consists of ten women and five men. As you climb up and reach the final point, your team notices that forest fire is spreading rapidly. There is no mobile network available.No satellite phone is also available. The team leader suggests spending night on the hill. 

a) What will you suggest to the team in this situation?

b) Before trekking, what are the precautions that your team should have taken? 


Why this question?

It’s based on recent tragedy in Theni, Tamil Nadu. This question wants to make you aware of precautions that needs to be taken before going ahead with such adventures, and also tries to test decision making ability in the face of adversities like this.   

Key demand of the question:

Firstly, write the measures/suggestions you would want team to take in such a situation. Information is limited and within this based on imagination, you should suggest practical measures. Secondly, write points about precautions that should have been taken (read reference article). 

Directive Word:

No directive word: for each question, based on its demand, explain and illustrate your arguments with examples. 

Structure of Answer:

Write a general introduction before answering Question (a). Here write 3-4 lines on facts of the case, issues you are facing and stakeholders involved. 

Question (a):   Write in paragraphs, all the measures that you want to suggest. Imagine the terrain, food-water supplies you have, safety of women/their concerns, need for unity, team work, methods to douse fire with or without water, can you camp using tents in such a situation? (Use imagination and suggest practical measures) These should try to uphold values such as courage, fortitude, empathy, presence of mind, emotional intelligence etc. 

Question (b): Based on given reference, write down all points. 

In the conclusion write a line on need for related agencies to maintain their integrity and adhering to rules to prevent unnecessary loss of lives (quote recent event).