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All India Radio News Summary: 11 MARCH 2018

All India Radio News Summary: 11 MARCH 2018

  1. Prime Minister announces solar technology mission for research and development in the sector

The founding conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) was hosted by Prime Minister and French President Emmanuel Macro.

  • The meet is draws a common strategy to deal with threats of climate change.
  • Indian PM called for concessional and less-risky finances for raising the share of solar electricity in the energy mix.
  • PM pledged to generate 175 gigawatts of electricity in India from renewable energy sources by 2022.
  • The Prime Minister presented a 10-point action plan that includes making affordable solar technology available to all nations, framing regulations and standards, consultancy support for bankable solar projects and creating a network of centres for excellence.
  • 500 training slots will be created for member countries and a solar technology mission will be started to lead R&D in the sector.
  • To supplement solar energy generation, India has distributed 28 crore LED bulbs in the last three years which have helped save 2 billion US dollars and 4 gigawatts of electricity.

Highlights of French President Speech

  • While the world has taken great strides in understanding the importance of solar energy, much still needs to be done.
  • Concrete announcements on what they are doing to generate solar energy in their countries are needed.

India’s contribution as part of ISA

  • ISA is not only a testament to India’s unwavering faith in multilateralism but also a commitment for a better, sustainable and greener future.
  • India has provided support worth 27 million US$ towards hosting the highest ISA secretariat.
  • An ISA corpus fund was also created and offered training support for ISA member countries.
  • Demonstration projects for solar home lighting, solar technology to farmers and for other solar applications was created.


Earlier, 61 countries signed and 32 ratified the ISA Framework Agreement which is a reflection of common desire to significantly augment harnessing of solar energy, make joint efforts towards development and mobilize investment in the solar sector.


  1. IMF says, Indian economy is on its way to recovery post demonetisation and roll out of GST. 
  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said, the Indian economy now seems to be on its way to recovering from disruptions caused by demonetisation and the roll-out of the Goods and Services Tax.
  • Indian economy has expanded strongly in recent years, thanks to macro-economic policies that emphasise stability and efforts to tackle supply-side bottlenecks and structural reforms.
  • With the economy expanding by 7.2 per cent in the latest quarter, India has regained the title of the fastest-growing major economy.  


  1. China’s Xi Jinping set to rule for life as Parliament abolishes two-term limit for the President.
  • China’s Parliament abolished the decades-old two-term limit for the President, allowing Xi Jinping to remain as the country’s leader for life.
  • The constitutional changes were passed in Beijing by the annual sitting of the National People’s Congress – the country’s legislature – with two-third majority.
  • Of the 2,964 delegates, only two voted against the change, while three abstained.
  • Earlier, the seven-member Standing Committee – the top most body of the ruling Communist Party of China – had unanimously approved the amendment.
  • The term limits were being followed by the party leaders for over two decades to avert a dictatorship on the lines of party founder Chairman Mao Zedong and to ensure collective leadership in the one-party state.
  • Mr Jinping is currently in his second five-year term and due to retire in 2023 under the current two term system.


  1. President urged Indian diaspora in Mauritius to become living bridge between the two countries.
  • The Indian community in Mauritius comprises those who trace their roots to different states ranging from Bihar to Tamil Nadu.
  • President urged diaspora to plug into network in your respective, ancestral states and regions and connect these with developmental process.
  • India and Mauritius can share developmental and economic experiences in agriculture and dairy farming, tourism and textiles, coastal zoning and urbanisation, and skilling and education.