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All India Radio News Summary: 10 MARCH 2018

All India Radio News Summary: 10 MARCH 2018

  1. India – France relationship

Prime Minister said, the reciprocal logistics support between the armed forces of India and France is the golden chapter in the defence history of the two countries.

  • France and India have a very long history of bilateral cooperation in defence, security, space and high technology. 
  • Indian Ocean region will be very important in future peace and development and both the countries will release the Indian Ocean cooperation Joint Strategic Vision.  
  • New Delhi and Paris signed 14 agreements in various fields of cooperation including nuclear energy, environment, narcotic drugs and people to people ties.
  • Both the countries reiterated their strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations including cross-border terrorism and terror-related incidents in France and India.
  • Also affirmed that terrorism cannot be justified on any grounds and it should not be associated with any religion, creed, nationality and ethnicity.
  • On trade, the two sides emphasized the importance of regular and sustained economic cooperation dialogue through the India-France Joint Committee.         
  • India and France have agreed to mutually recognize academic qualifications to help students.


  1. India criticized Pakistan for harbouring the United Nations designated terrorists like Hafiz Saeed.

Responding to Islamabad’s bid to raise the Kashmir issue at the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Second Secretary at the India’s UN Mission said, in gross violation of a Council resolution, UN-designated terrorists like Hafiz Saeed are freely operating with state support, and are being politically mainstreamed in Pakistan.

  • Terrorism is the grossest violation of human rights adding that India await credible action by Pakistan to bring all those involved in the 2008 Mumbai attack and the 2016 Pathankot and Uri attacks to justice.
  • Pakistan has long been attempting to mask its territorial ambitions and use of terrorism as a state policy under the guise of concern for human rights.


  1. India has played a responsible role in the economic development of Afghanistan- USA

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the State Department said, over the last several years, New Delhi’s role in the economic development and reconstruction of Afghanistan has been appreciated by the Afghan government.

There is a way to end the conflict with international support and it is now up to the Taliban leaders to respond to the serious offer of talks from the Afghan President.