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Be Wise. Revise: Insights IAS Comprehensive REVISION PLAN for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2018


Be Wise. Revise

Insights IAS Comprehensive REVISION PLAN for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2018


Long ago, on May 28,  2015 we started integrated self study revision plan for both prelims and mains (around 90 days before UPSC Prelims-2015 – kind of 90 days revision plan). It was a first of its kind initiative then(Click here) – before anyone could think of providing day to day daily targets to achieve through self study and revision. 

First day’s revision questions were posted on May 29, 2015.   

In recent years, UPSC is throwing new challenges to aspirants. The competition for limited posts is getting tougher. It’s only those who practice best, will win the post. And it really matters how you practice for this exam. The best practice is one that depends entirely on well planned revision plan which provides you an opportunity to revise multiple times.

Through multiple revisions, you should store vast information into mind. This information should be used again and again. You should cultivate an ability to recall information as and when needed. This will be possible only through multiple revisions of sources you have been following. In the end, more about knowledge and knowing how to use it that matters. 

In this regard, we are coming up with a comprehensive, very well planned REVISION plan for UPSC civil services preliminary exam – 2018. It will start from March 22 and will end on May 30

Entire focus of this revision plan will be on helping you revise multiple times and effectively remember all important information that is required to crack prelims with confidence. You will score well only if you remember well. You will also not repeat mistakes if you revise and remember well.

Good revision gives you confidence. Good confidence helps you give prelims with a relaxed state of mind. A relaxed, calm approach lets you enjoy exam, which ultimately helps you score way above cut-off. Moreover, very good revision helps you remember content well, which you can use in Mains to improve quality of your answers. 

But, to gain confidence, a one time revision is not at all sufficient. You must REVISE MINIMUM FOUR times all important sources to crack this exam.

For example, you must revise all our mock tests at least 3 times(if you really want to see for yourself how useful these tests are for prelims), or for that matter Laxmikanth or NCERT books too. 

Our revision plan will force you to revise minimum 4 times all important sources: Especially, Current Affairs, NCERT books, Revision modules, Test Series papers and standard polity, history, economy and geography sources.  Every day will be productive for you. There will be 20-25 daily revision questions to throughly test you revision skills and to hone your test solving skills. Questions will be posted every day (including Sundays)

These questions will be newly framed for this revision purpose. We will not be repeating questions from test series. 

These 20-25 questions will be in addition to daily static and current affairs quizzes

If you are in need for a timetable that pushes limits and helps you get completely busy, Insights revision pan for prelims – 2018 will exactly do the same. getting busy is the best way to forget all your tensions as well.

Intensity of your exam preparation must increase from now onwards. But do take care of health and have good sleep at the same time. You should not do anything at the cost of your health.

Details of the plan with detailed Timetable will be posted on 15th March. We strongly believe that by following this timetable, you will have an advantage over others. Following such a revision timetable won’t be an easy task. You will follow it only if you are determined to crack this exam this year. 

But, you should be ready for this plan. You need to do few things (as follows).

Till March 20,  finish off things that you haven’t completed yet(like Economic Survey, Art & Culture etc). In addition, you should: 

  1. Revise 26 Insights Prelims Mock Tests(2018) at any cost. Why? Our revision Timetable will include Daily One Test. If you revise these tests now, it will take less time to revise later. You can spend more time on textbooks/notes then. Therefore, at any cost, spend at least 4-5 hours daily now on each test. Make notes out of each solution, try to predict what extra question can be framed from each solution. Think like paper setter and read all questions and solutions carefully. If you DON’T do this exercise now, later you will not enough time to revise. So, on PRIORITY basis, start revising tests. 
  2. Try to finish syllabus of upcoming Insights Mock tests with utmost sense of urgency. If you can complete syllabus by March 22, you will have enough room for revision. 

Your success depends on revisions. This is not the time to be lazy. You may be feeling low, tensed and restless – but, keep working hard no matter what’s happening with you or around you. As said above, you need to get busy to stay away from all negative thoughts. 

Meanwhile, we welcome any of your feedback or suggestions below in comment box in case you want us to incorporate in our revision plan. 

No matter how tough the Prelims-2018 paper is going to be, let’s make it easy for you. Be wise and revise.