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All India Radio News Summary: 18 and 19 FEBRUARY 2018

All India Radio News Summary: 18 and 19 FEBRUARY 2018

  1. Global Investor Summit ‘Magnetic Maharashtra: Convergence 2018’

PM said, summits like Magnetic Maharashtra are a great example of cooperative competitive federalism.

  • Maharashtra state leads in infrastructure development and the efforts taken to strengthen business environment in the state in the last three years are showing results.
  • The Maharashtra Samruddhi Corridor, the 700 kilometer super communication expressway and an adjacent smart city have the potential to create about 20 lakh new jobs and lead to immense growth in agriculture and agro based development.
  • The Prime Minister dedicated the fourth terminal of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust to the nation. This container terminal has been built in record time of 28 months with an estimated cost of 4,719 crore rupees. The government has started the Sagarmala project to initiate port led development.


  1. Conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association of India Region, Patna

Concerns expressed at the pandemonium created in Parliament as well as state legislatures by opposition parties. Raising questions is the best tool of members in house.

Over one hundred delegates from across the country and abroad including Australia, Britain and Uganda participated in the conference.


  1. Artificial Intelligence as the power of twenty-first century technology to eradicate poverty and disease

PM has recently inaugurated Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Mumbai.Prime Minister said,

  • The Government has firm belief that it can use Artificial Intelligence as the power of twenty-first century technology to eradicate poverty and disease.
  • By doing so, government can bring prosperity to the poor and under-privileged sections.
  • There is no doubt that productivity will increase by using Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Robots.


  • With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Robots there is no doubt that our productivity will further go up.
  • But, there are also rising fears of human redundancy because there is a competition between the mind and the machine.
  • At every stage of technological evolution, we have faced such doubts and questions. Technology opens entirely new spheres and sectors for growth. It also opens an entirely new paradigm of opportunities.
  • The progress of Artificial Intelligence depends on and will be driven by human intentions.
  • AI has given human increasingly more power and creates an impact in whatever he does through technology.
  • It is this ethic of development that will ensure equity for all peoples.
  • The March of Technology cannot be at the expense of further increasing the difference between societies over access to technology.
  • The evolution of Technology has to be rooted in the ethic of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.


  1. Government has invited young Start-Ups from all over the country to come to Northeast

The Government has invited young Start-Ups from all over the country to come to Northeast and try their fortune by exploring the untapped potential of the region.

  • Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region has taken a decision to provide Venture Fund to any youngster who wishes to set up an entrepreneurship in the region.
  • This will be in addition to the provisions already made in the Start-up India and the Stand-up India programme, which include provision of tax holiday as well as a three month exit period.


  1. In the Maldives, the Supreme Court has put a stay on its earlier ruling of 1st February to reinstate 12 opposition Parliamentarians who have lost their seats
  • The decision by the three-member bench of the top court came as Parliament is to meet for an extraordinary session to deliberate on the state of emergency.
  • The three judges had already canceled other provisions of the February 1st order which called for release of nine opposition leaders and their fair retrial.
  • The Maldives government under President Abdullah Yameen had imposed a 15-day emergency on the 5th of this month and arrested the Chief Justice and another judge of the Supreme Court on charges of trying to overthrow the government.


  1. Women in Saudi Arabia can now open their own businesses without the consent of a husband or male relative

The policy change, announced by the Saudi government, marks a major step away from the strict guardianship system that has ruled the country for decades.

  • Women can now launch their own businesses and benefit from governmental e-services without having to prove consent from a guardian.
  • Under Saudi Arabia’s guardianship system, women are required to present proof of permission from a male guardian to do any government paperwork, travel or enroll in classes.
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the powerful heir to the Saudi throne, has been leading the drive to expand the role of women in the workforce in recent months.


  1. Facebook will soon rely on centuries-old technology, the post office, to try to prevent foreign meddling in US elections.

Political ads bought by Russian agents to sway the US Presidential campaign have baffled the social media network.

  • Facebook Company will send postcards to potential buyers of political ads to confirm that they reside in the United States.
  • The recipient will then have to enter a code in Facebook to continue buying the ad.


  1. World Congress on Information Technology at Hyderabad

Prime Minister said,

  • India is the hot-spot of digital innovation across all sectors.
  • India not only possesses a growing number of innovative entrepreneurs, but it also has a growing market for tech innovation.
  • Digital India has not remained merely a government initiative, but has become a way of life.
  • Digital India is a journey bringing about digital inclusion for digital empowerment.
  • The concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, that the world is one family, is deeply imbibed in Indian philosophy which reflects the country’s inclusive traditions.
  • In the 21st century, technology is becoming an enabler for this concept.


About World Congress on IT

  • Considered as the Global IT Olympics, the World Congress on IT has become the single platform for global IT think tank, experts and academia.
  • The IT Congress began deliberations upon the emerging IT conditions, challenges that the sector is facing and future transformation at ministerial as well as networking level.
  • ‘Amplifying digital and disrupt the core’ is being the main theme of the 26th edition of the Congress.
  • The NASSCOM, the main host of the Congress has launched ‘Future Skills’, a platform which came up with a list of 8 disruptive technologies and corresponding 55 job roles that will impact individuals, companies and governments in next ten years.
  • These disruptive technologies include Robotic Process Automation, Big data, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, 3D printing, and Social and Mobile.
  • The Congress is also focussing on how to create employment and reskill workforce among the major areas.