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UPDATE (Exciting News): Coming Soon – Revamped Secure Initiative




UPDATE (Exciting News):

Coming Soon – Revamped Secure Initiative


Insights Secure initiative was started on 30th September 2013. It was a first of its kind initiative online for any competitive exam. This idea changed the way aspirants prepared for UPSC CSE where answer writing practice became routine and serious affair. During its 4.5 years of existence, we have consistently posted questions every single day. Those who have been following this initiative know its value(we don’t have to prove it). Since last two years, almost every topper (including Rank-1) have followed Secure initiative (directly or indirectly, or regularly or irregularly) and benefited by its unique approach. IAS COACHING

By following Secure regularly, you were able to answer UPSC civil services Mains General Studies Paper -2,  Paper- 3 and to some extent Paper – 4 with full confidence. General Studies Paper-1 was covered partially. Because this initiative depended heavily on current affairs, some static topics in GS papers were left out (as every topic can not be in news).

Thanks to UPSC’s trend of framing questions mostly based on current affairs, Secure could cover almost all important issues that came in Mains (especially in GS-2 &3). However, looking at 2017 and looking ahead, we believe Mains questions will be more dynamic and unpredictable. Though they will continue to be based on current affairs, more questions from static parts can not be ruled out. Hence there is a need to cover all topics of mains syllabus comprehensively. 

Best performance in Mains also depends on correctly meeting the demand of the questions. Merely writing what you know won’t get you good marks. You must master the art of correctly deciphering questions and accurately meeting its demand through well presented content in your answers. To master this art, you should know meaning of key words in questions, especially directive words (analyse, examine, discuss, comment etc). In addition, you should know which part of the question carries more weightage and which part carries less weightage. 

It’s in these two aspects: i.e. firstly, covering all parts of all GS papers and secondly, helping you understand demand of the questions thereby letting you know what should be there in your answers, the New Secure initiative will once again help you stay ahead in this race. 

Features of New Secure Initiative:

  1. We will give you a list of 400 Topics that we are going to cover next 200 Days i.e. till Mains 2018. These 400 topics will be taken from Mains GS syllabus (all 4 papers). These topics are those that usually do not appear in news. At the same time, we will give topics only that are important. 
  2. Every day 2 topics from the list of 400 topics will be covered. 
  3. You need to prepare for these 400 topics from your sources (NCERT, standard texts or websites). We frame questions based on our own sources to test your knowledge. 
  4. In addition to these two topics, as usual, we will cover 6 Most important issues of the day through news sites (mainly The Hindu, Indian Express and Livemint). We will cover other news sources (such as The Wire, NYT, The Guardian) only if we find important issues there. (we will try our best not to use websites such as The Wire which sometimes are biased)
  5. Apart from conventional new sites, we will diversify sources and cover issues from authentic sources such as PRS, IDSA, Project Syndicate etc. 
  6. Every Saturday we will cover important issues from Yojana, EPW, Down to Earth and Frontline
  7. MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE: below each question, we will give DIRECTIONs about how to tackle each question based on its specific demand. This will be extremely helpful to freshers and also to aspirants who are blindly practising these questions without guidance and feedback. Fortunately we have experience of guiding many successful candidates in this regard and we hope our experience which we are going to share in the secure initiative will help you as well. 
  8. Maximum number of questions will be 8
  9. Maximum effort will be made to post questions by 8 am on daily basis. 

When Secure started, it started a new trend online and became a pioneer. We are sure that new, revamped Secure will once again lead the herd. 

The New Secure will start from Monday (February 19)

Coming Saturday (Feb 17), we will post a very detailed article about How to Use Secure for more effective preparation (we know few secrets that helped our offline students get Rank-1). You should know how to effectively used the most potent weapon you have at your disposal. Merely possessing it won’t make you strong. You should know why, how and when to use it. Don’t forget to read this article on Saturday. This article will be a revelation for you. 

On Feb 18, you will get the list of 400 Topics.

It will be more work for us. But we are here to work for you. Moreover, we need to adapt and reform to be relevant. So no excuses. 

In case you have new ideas, please feel free to share them in the comment box. We will try to accommodate them if they are useful and feasible. Thank you in advance. 



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