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NEW INITIATIVE: Insights Daily Debates on Issues that Matter


Insights Daily Debates

on Issues that Matter

UPSC civil services exam has become more dynamic and uncertain as well. You can not just hope to rely on coaching materials and clear this exam. You are required to be original in your thinking. To score more, you should be original while answering questions in both CSE Mains and Personality Test. 

Myriad of issues that we come across every day need careful sifting, understanding and internalisation. Issues should be understood from exam point of view as well as from education point of view. To write or talk about issues that matter, especially from CSE point of view, one should have unbiased views on them. Because every issue has two sides, you should respect both the views while defending your own based on sound evidence.

Consistency in your opinion on issues are respected both in Mains and Personality Test. To be consistent in your thoughts, you should study issues objectively and remember facts correctly. 

INSIGHTS IAS, IAS COACHINGIn this regard, we are restarting our initiative – Insights Daily Debates. We want to start it as a new initiative considering vast number of new aspirants who have started following Insights recently. 

We will be posing a Daily Topic that is related to an issue that has high probability of being asked either in Mains or in Interview. It will be either in the form of a question or a statement

For example:

Question Format:

“Does the National Health Protection Scheme sound death knell for public health system in India?”

Statement Format – with Negative connotation: 

The National Health Protection Scheme protects insurers, not the insured. 

Statement Format – with Positive connotation:

The National Health Protection Scheme makes secondary and tertiary healthcare affordable to the poor.

These questions and statements will NOT be our opinions. These are meant to elicit balanced opinion from you. You may side with the statement too, but provide valid arguments and facts. 

For these daily topics, don’t write your opinion like a Mains answer. Your comment should try to convince (not force) the reader to agree with your opinion. 

If you can deliberate daily on one issue in this manner, this will have huge positive impact on quality of your answers. As many people would participate, you like lots of facts and opinions on an issue – which you can note down (verify before you note down though). 

Having a healthy discussion (in this era of trolling) on important issues is extremely important. It is important because we collectively have to cultivate the habit of making informed opinions and decisions based on true facts. 

Take half an hour out of your busy schedule and contribute your opinion (with correct facts) on the topics we post. 

We will post topics between Monday to Friday at 7 pm

At the end of the week we will carefully select best opinions and important facts, compile them and release them as PDF.  These compilations will come handy during Mains and Interview preparation. 

We are excited to start this initiative again. Hope to see all of you participate with enthusiasm. 

Visit again at 7 pm to contribute your opinion on Issue of the Day. Thank you. 


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