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Insights Daily Debates: Issues that Matter – 1 (Today, the widening gap between the rich and poor is a major threat to global markets and capitalism)

Insights Daily Debates

Issues that Matter – 1

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Today, global markets and capitalism are increasingly threatened by widening income inequality


While debating this topic, try to find answers to following questions as well; Is Capitalism responsible for inequality? When someone says capitalism is under threat by inequality, what do they mean? How do global markets respond to increasing inequality? Is there any relationship between populism, capitalism and inequality? Can capitalism – especially, Chinese format – has the answer to bridge income gap? How does capitalism affect redistribution? These and many more related questions needs to be answered by you.

Find supporting facts and register your opinion in the comment box. It’s not an ‘answer writing’ exercise. Think about the issue and post your opinion as a crisp response to the given topic.