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All India Radio News Summary : 05 FEBRUARY 2018

All India Radio News Summary : 05 FEBRUARY 2018

  1. Centre and States have to focus on agriculture and rural infrastructure for higher growth

Finance Minister said that over the next few years, government at both Centre and States will have to focus on agriculture and rural infrastructure.

  • There are sectors where we lagged behind conventionally but now we are on track, infrastructure is one such sector.
  • Agriculture was one sector which did need support, that is where potential for further growth and a better higher pace in GDP, the potential really lies and therefore both in terms of rural infrastructure and rural incomes are the areas which needed a spending.
  • Education is also extremely important so is healthcare.
  • The health schemes that were announced are very ambitious ones and now in the next couple of months expeditiously we have to work towards putting the loose ends together and emerging out with the implementable idea behind the health scheme.


  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi to embark on a four-day visit to Palestine, UAE and Oman from Friday.

The Prime Minister will hold discussions on matters of mutual interest with their leaders, apart from participating in many community events.

  • India is committed to deepening its engagement with Palestine. India’s position has been very clear and consistent on the issue of Jerusalem. For last three years, Indiamade significant and positive contribution for the Palestinian cause.In December 2017, India voted in favour of very very important resolution on Jerusalem.
  • In Dubai, the Prime Minister would be addressing the Sixth World Government Summit for which India has been extended ‘Guest of Honour’ status.
  • PM will lay the foundation of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.


Sixth World Government Summit:

The sixth edition of the World Government Summit (WHS) is scheduled to be held from February 11th – 13th, 2018 in Dubai, UAE. India will be the guest of honour in this summit. The summit is the largest movement to review and share the best experiences, and the first global forum for governments, countries, organizations and private sector leaders interested in the industry of the future.


  1. The Supreme Court warned khap panchayats not to become self-appointed conscience keepers

The court asked the Centre and petitioner to come up with effective suggestions in connection with the protection of the couples in Khap Panchayat matters.


The apex court said it was contemplating appointing a high level police committee to devise ways and means to protect couples married inter-caste, inter-faith, or similarly opposed alliances and keep them safe from any violence directed by Khaps, panchayats, parents and relatives.


  1. Maldives government has declared state of emergency for 15 days in wake of the ongoing crisis with Supreme Court

Maldives government has declared state of emergency for 15 days in wake of the ongoing crisis with Supreme Court.

The declaration came after Maldives President Abdullah Yameen expressed his government inability to implement the Supreme Court ruling which ordered for release of nine opposition leaders.

Exiled former Maldivian President Mohammed Nasheed has urged India and the US of intervention to resolve the crisis in the island nation.