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MOTIVATION: Road to Success

Some people don’t even make new year’s resolutions. Having tried and failed to live those resolutions, they tell themselves that it’s better not make any – why to make resolutions when time will take care of everything?

For any IAS aspirant, the only new year’s resolution (year after year) is to clear this exam – with or without flying colours. There is so much frustration within and outside that, somehow clearing this exam is the one and only wish you harbour throughout the year. No other thoughts come to your mind – you have already kept away friends, family, functions, parties, fun, entertainment and even boyfriend or girlfriend! They don’t figure in your new year’s resolution. It’s about getting a rank first and then getting back all these people and fun.

But, as you step into new year, how sure you are about clearing this exam in 2018? Some of you have written Mains and awaiting results, some of you have given interview in 2017 but failed in prelims 2017, some of you failed in prelims 2017 in your first, second or third attempt – yet, your ultimate goal is to show progress in 2018 and finally prove everyone, including yourself, that all efforts you are/were putting in were not in vain and had purpose.insights ias

The measure of our success decides how much respect we earn in our society. You may be a very good human being, but if you don’t succeed, your goodness will not rescue you from all those gazes that are waiting to discard you. Though goodness ultimately triumphs, if it’s coupled with success in terms of achievements, it benefits both you and society.

Coming back to the question – are you sure you are going to crack IAS in 2018?

No matter how much you prepare, self doubt lingers in your mind thanks to ‘uncertainty’ outcomes this exam process involves. But, never give up on one thing – no, not hope, it’s ability to prepare daily despite fears of failure, ridicule and self doubts. Don’t give up preparation no matter what circumstance you are in, no matter what’s bothering you right at this moment – it’s what you do every day that decides success later.

If you waste your day thinking either about wasted time (like ‘I wasted whole day with friends’ or ‘whole week by watching Game of Thrones third time’) or about pending tasks, or even thinking about your ability to clear this exam, you are actually harming your chances of success.

The road to success in any field is not easy. You must keep trying to reach where you want to go. This requires dedication on daily basis. Don’t look at small failures you encounter daily and feel hopeless. They don’t affect success. You just have to bounce back and tell yourself constantly that you are not going to be disturbed by these small setbacks.

Sometimes, due to unforeseen reasons some days do go waste, but don’t spoil your next day. Just focus on future. Never look back and regret about what you didn’t or couldn’t do.

Of course, when you are working hard, you should know that you were working hard in the right direction. Talk to successful candidates, to friends, to mentors who knows this process well. If you are regularly following this website, don’t doubt – you are working hard in the right direction. You can trust us.

Ultimately, remember that tomorrow is just like any other day. New year or old year, you must continue your work. Keep this constant, rest, time will take care of everything.

Wish you a very happy new year. 🙂