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All India Radio News Summary: 29 OCTOBER 2017

All India Radio News Summary: 29 OCTOBER 2017

  1. The government and businesses must act as partners to spur economic growth

Vice President said that the government and businesses must act as partners to spur economic growth.  He said,

  • The government should act as a facilitator for businesses to thrive by adopting appropriate and investment-friendly measures, which are in the best interests of the country.
  • Businesses to promote ethical corporate governance.
  • India Inc and the Indian State should collectively ensure that every asset becomes a performing asset.
  • On the agriculture sector, there is a need to liberate the farm sector from a host of shackles that are pulling it down.
  • Agriculture and industry shall be looked at as the two eyes of our economy.


  1. The Apex court has said a person accused of sexually assaulting a minor or a woman of unsound mind can be convicted without the rape survivor being cross-examined to corroborate her charges if other evidence was sufficient to prove guilt.


  1. Rate card for social media fame

Under the headline “Rate card for social media fame”, it is confirmed what many have suspected for some time now-that likes and followers are up for sale.

  • Online agencies are offering millions of likes, reviews, viral videos and even negative online campaigns at a price.


  1. 37th edition of Mann Ki Baat programme

Prime Minister said, India has always been giving a message of peace, unity and harmony to the world.

Updates on 37th edition of Mann Ki Baat programme:

PM said,

  • Jawans of Indian security forces play an important role not only on Indian borders but they play a very vital role in establishing peace the world over.
  • As UN Peacekeepers, Indian soldiers are bringing glory to the nation in the comity of nations.
  • Both the preface of the Indian Constitution and the UN Charter starts with the words We the people.
  • Indian women have played a leading role in peace keeping efforts and India was the first country which sent a female police unit to Liberia for the United Nations Peace Mission. The brave peacekeepers from the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Gautam Budha have sent a message of peace and amity around the world.
  • Around 7,000 Indian security personnel are deployed in UN peacekeeping missions, making it the third highest contributor.
  • India has always stressed on the importance of equality for women and the UN Declaration of Human Rights is a living example of this. He said, in the initial phrase, it was proposed as all men are born free and equal which was amended and adopted as all human beings are born free and equal with the efforts of the Indian representative Hansa Mehta.
  • Khadi is emerging as a powerful means of gramodaya: During Diwali Khadi gift coupon sales recorded an overwhelming 680 per cent rise and compared to last year the total sales of Khadi and Handicrafts have risen almost by 90 percent. Khadi and handloom have transformed the lives of the poorest of the poor and are emerging as a powerful means of empowering them.
  • The diseases which surfaced in old age or emerged around the last lap of life have started to appear in children nowadays due to lack of physical activity and the changes in the eating habits.  Yoga will be helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting children from lifestyle disorders.


  1. Prime Minister calls upon farmers to cut down usage of Urea and promote drip irrigation

Prime Minister called upon formers to cut down usage of Urea by 50 percent and promote drip irrigation to conserve water and soil.

  • The Prime Minister also called upon citizens to strengthen honesty by supporting cashless transaction.  The Prime Minister asked to involve Women Self Help Groups in sea weed cultivation that will help generate revenue and at the same time conserve soil nutrients.
  • The Prime Minister in Ujire symbolically distribute 12 lakh rupay debit cards and launched digitised cash less transaction facility for self-help group members.
  • PM also launched campaign to preserve mother earth. He unveiled a logo to mark the launch of “Preserve Mother Earth, and Transfer to Next Generation” programme.


  1. India Flags off first shipment of wheat to Afghanistan through Chabahar port.

Indian External Affairs Minister, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan and Foreign Minister of Iran, through a joint video conference, flagged off the first shipment of wheat from India to Afghanistan that would be transhipped through the Chabahar port in Iran.

  • The shipment is a part of commitment made by the Government of India to supply 1.1 million tonnes of wheat for the people of Afghanistan on grant basis.
  • This is the first shipment that would be going to Afghanistan through the Chabahar port after a Trilateral Agreement on Establishment of International Transport and Transit Corridor was signed during the visit of Prime Minister to Iran in May 2016.
  • The ministers also reaffirmed their commitment to continue their cooperation for the benefit and prosperity of the people of Afghanistan and the region.


  1. Iran’s President said his country would continue building weapons

Iran’s President today said his country would continue building weapons including developing missiles as the United States prepares new sanctions over its ballistic missile programme.

  • President said in Parliament that to defend his nation and territorial integrity, he will build all the weapons he will need.
  • Recent Iranian missile launches have triggered US sanctions and accusations they violate the spirit of a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers.