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ESSAY Mains – 2017: Last Minute Tips


ESSAY Mains – 2017: Last Minute Tips

  1. Don’t plan too much. Plan for 10-15 minutes. Devote more time to writing the essay. While writing you get new ideas and examples. Accommodate them.
  2. Devote equal time for both essays. Second essay suffers if you devote less time to it. Treating both topics equally will ensure better marks. 
  3. Go for the topics for which you have best content. Don’t go for ‘different’ topics assuming everyone writes on same topics. It’s better to score safe marks than screwing up whole paper. Go for those ‘different’ topics only if you have enough content on them.
  4. Give examples. But try to give slightly unique examples to substantiate your arguments. Examples can be derived from your own experiences, observations, books you have read, movies and documentaries you have seen. 
  5. Make essay interesting by making it unique through your original insights (relevant to topic).
  6. Remember that examiner loves original approach and content that’s unique yet relevant. 
  7. Don’t plan for both essays in the beginning itself. Plan for second essay after finishing first essay. If you plan for both in the beginning itself, second essay might suffer as you will have less energy to think clearly. 
  8. Try to present beautifully. Neatly arrange paragraphs. Make essay look good and very readable. 
  9. If you save few minutes in the end, read essays again and correct any mistakes that you have made.
  10. If possible add one line examples or subheadings, or underline important points in the end.


Remember to fight to get extra mark every second in the exam hall.

Wish you all the best!


Note: There will be last minute tips for GS papers as well.