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[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 01 September 2017

[Insights Secure – 2017] UPSC Mains Questions on Current Affairs: 01 September 2017

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General Studies – 1;



Topic:  Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India

1) What do you understand by majoritarianism and vigilantism? Discuss critically why these phenomena are on the rise in America and India. (200 Words)

The Hindu


General Studies – 2


Topic:  Functions and responsibilities of the Union and the States, issues and challenges pertaining to the federal structure, devolution of powers and finances up to local levels and challenges therein

2) In its statement of objects and reasons for proposing a new inter-State river water disputes law, the Centre lists out the drawbacks in the prevalent Inter-State River Water Disputes Act of 1956. What are these drawbacks? What are the features of proposed new inter-State river water disputes law? Discuss. (200 Words)

The Hindu



Topic:  India and its neighborhood- relations.

3) Should the resolution of recent Doklam issue be celebrated as diplomatic victory by the Indian side against powerful China? Critically comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu


Topic: Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

4) In your opinion, what lessons governments across the world, including India, have learnt from meltdowns in 1997 and the one that emerged a decade later? In the light of recent events, critically comment. (200 Words)




Topic:  Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation

5) In your opinion, what are the lessons that government should learn from recent demonetisation fiasco? Discuss critically. (200 Words)


The Indian Express

General Studies – 3


Topic: Indian economy; Laundering of black money

6) “Demonetisation has totally failed to curb black money.” Comment. (200 Words)

The Hindu


General Studies – 4




Topic:   Ethical issues in international relations and funding

7) Why is ethics important in international relations? Discuss. (150 Words)


Note: Day after tomorrow there will be questions on the topic Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration: Status and problems;

Topic: Public/Civil service values