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IAS TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Suchismita Kanungoe, Rank 261, 453 Marks from Four GS Papers! + Tips on How to Follow Insights Secure



Suchismita Kanungoe

Rank 261

(453 Marks from Four GS Papers!)


I am Suchismita Kanungoe from Agartala, Tripura. I secured Rank 261 in CSM 2016.

 Suchismita Kanugone Marks, IAS topper suchismita

I scored total 453 marks in GS and 274 in Pub Ad.

GS Strategy:

I started writing Insights Daily Current Affairs Questions  from Sept, 2015. And for 2016 Mains, I covered Insights  Secure 2016 from January till November.

My suggestion would be : to cover all Questions in insights either through writing on paper or making a rough outline of the answer.

I was thorough with Insights Secure 2016 and Vision mains 365. I had joined Vision test series but attempted only 3-4 out of 12 tests. Apart from that, I did attempt Insights online test series too but could not follow that entirely.

So, the only things which I followed religiously are Insights Secure 2016 and Vision Mains 365.


How to follow Insights Secure :

Some highlights:

  1. The answer should be written by you and that is the best way to remember the topic and the key points.
  2. Follow the answers written by others, specially at least first 4-5 answers written in insights. Collect points which might be new in others’ answers and enrich yours.
  3. In Insights, peer review is necessary but not sufficient because ultimately, we are all students here. So, I would say apart from peer review, self – review is a must.

Self Review:

  1. Read your answer with an examiner’s mind and ask yourself “is it the best answer to the question? What should you add here to make it better?”


  1. One of my friends used to tell me “Look, you just have to answer the damn Question and that’s all”.

        So, read your answer and ask yourself “did you answer the Question asked?”

        Sometimes, we get diverted from the Question and hence keep reading the Question every 1-2 minutes while writing the answer to avoid the diversion.

How to write answer?

Some highlights:

  1. Introduction : A simple one liner is sufficient
  2. Body of the Answer: should include points, flow chart, diagrams and maps.

Make sure to write both sides – positive and negative though the proportion of each will depend on the directive of the Question

  1. Conclusion : an optimistic one line is fine.


There is no secret strategy; only consistency in answer writing can sail you through.

All the best

To Insights:

Thank you for everything I have achieved.