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Motivation: REVISION TIMETABLE for Prelims 2017 – Don’t worry if you are not able to keep up with it.

Note: Read till the end

It is encouraging to read many positive feedback about this year’s revision plan (despite cutting it short to 45 days plan)

The intention of this post is to address few concerns expressed by those who are finding it difficult to follow and also to provide little dose of motivation:

a) I am not able to revise two tests in a day. Finding it very hectic, especially when I need to cover additional syllabus:

Here, you need to prioritise what to study and what not to. You don’t have to panic and stop revising.

If you are solving our tests for the first time, don’t go on SOLVING them. Just READ both questions and answers and revise them (as time is not with you). Solving and then reading solutions will consume lots of your time. You can easily READ and REVISE two tests in a day if you just READ them as reference material. To know whether you are reading them right or not, regularly give revision tests. And then correct your reading strategy. 

If you have solved our tests before, but have not revised static part. Now focus on static part more. Also revise tests as it is easy to revise it now.


b) I am not able to find time for current affairs because of huge time spend on revision of tests and other topics

Don’t worry. You spend time on proper revision of tests now. In the second round, it will take very less time for revision of tests, there you can spend more time on current affairs. 

Same goes if you are unable to find time for certain part of timetable.

As there are three rounds of revision, devote first round for parts for which you had not covered earlier be it tests, current affairs or static part.

Inadequate coverage of certain topics

We haven’t included economy and history and other static parts much in this timetable as these topics are extensively covered in our prelims tests (those who have solved our tests knows it) Moreover, most of economy gets covered in current affairs. If at all you want to study more of economics, you can modify our timetable to include them. At this point of time, we believe that, it is not prudent to dump every book in timetable and stress you even more. You can always revise them if you think you should. 

Timetable given by us is a template. For some it’s perfect as they meet all requirements demanded by it. For some it’s imperfect as it leaves certain parts which they haven’t covered. 

It is always your best judgement that works in favour of you. If something is not working in your favour, you should modify it (if you can) and make it work in favour of you. 

Enjoy and Run

Most important thing is that you should enjoy the process. Enjoy the intensity. Take this as a challenge. It’s competition and you should win it. If you are not following it, someone somewhere is following it and advancing miles ahead.  We understand it’s hectic. But if someone can follow it and make use of it, why can’t you? There are excuses for everything. But excuses won’t help you. In fact they pull you back from achieving your goal. 

Remember. It’s a race. Winner gets the chance to stand on podium.