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MISSION 2018: Insights IAS Offline Classes at Bangalore

This post is exclusively for those who are preparing for CSE 2018 (others can ignore this post and focus on prelims 2017).

We are coming up with one of a kind and completely result oriented offline program for UPSC civil services exam (CSE) 2018. This program will be strictly for the students who want to crack this exam in one attempt itself (we are not joking). The program demands extreme dedication and consistency (we will be there to ensure this).

Learning from our experiences (and mistakes) and keeping in mind evolving demands of UPSC, we have designed this program. We are sure that this program will set a benchmark in coming years for others to emulate (again, we are not joking). 

We are consistently giving good result from our small offline initiatives (and wait for 2016 result, there will be surprises). Now it’s time to open our door to all talented, hard working and dedicated individuals who want to get into civil services at any cost. Unfortunately, owing to our own shortcomings, we had to say NO to so many deserving students in the past. Henceforth, this will be a thing of past. There will be no core and non-core groups. There will be only one batch who will be given equal attention all the time. 

We are in the process of building a strong, dedicated team to give the best training (not coaching) for serious IAS aspirants. They will get the best infrastructure and guidance during their stay here. We believe we have gained more insights into this exam from our interactions with thousands of aspirants (successful and unsuccessful) from all over India. These insights will be put into practice to help you sail through this exam based on your own strengths. 

This program is meant for students who are looking for genuine guidance and motivation; it’s for those who have belief in their abilities, but lack direction; it’s for those who do NOT expect spoon-feeding, but empowerment. The program will make every day of your preparation more productive.  

Anyone, who is looking for a serious place to study and prepare under good guidance can consider applying for this.

Biggest hurdle for any serious aspirant is either lack of guidance or presence of numerous guidances. Here at Insights, you will have no confusion about what to follow and what not to. Guidance will be clear and individualistic. 

Fortunately, we have created a very good ecosystem for civil services preparation in Bangalore – where students are toiling day and night without any distractions.

Unlike other programs, our program will guide you till you see your name in the final selection list. Others provide you 10 months of classes and leave you to the mercy of god. But we will be providing you guidance and all forms of assistance till you reach your goal. That’s why, we are not looking for masses (to make money). We are looking for individuals who want to make difference and give one and only best attempt and get through this exam. 

Well, all of this might sound like we are boasting too much. It’s just that we are more confident now than we were ever. This confidence will be reinforced when CSE 2016 results will be announced. 

This was just an introduction. 

We will provide all the details in the first week of June 2017. The program will start from July 2017. Meanwhile, during these 50 remaining days, choose a good optional subject and try to complete as much syllabus as possible – at least 80% of it. 

Note: This is for armchair critics – until you see all the details, hold on to your judgement/verdict/critique/assumptions/misconceptions.