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UPDATE – MISSION 2017: Modifying Secure Initiative to Meet UPSC Demand



MISSION 2017: Modifying Secure Initiative to Meet UPSC Demand 


Your preparation should be in tune with the changing nature of UPSC’s demand and expectations in civil services examinations. If not, what you prepare for whole year will be of no use during exams. In this direction, we are already giving Prelims Test Series that’s in tune with UPSC Prelims. But, when it comes to Mains, it has always been a challenge to integrate dynamic part (current affairs) with static part to give you a schedule that could help you prepare well for Mains. It was also a challenge to integrate Prelims preparation with Mains preparation.  Finally, we think we have solved this problem. 

Henceforth, we will be integrating static part with Secure initiative that is in perfect sync with Insights Prelims Test Series timetable. You won’t feel the burden of following 2-3 timetables. Because static part will be integrated with Secure Initiative, you will be given Daily Targets to complete. The targets we give will burden you. Whether fresher or veteran, you can achieve these targets if you work hard a bit extra every day. But we accept that this timetable will be more suited to people who already have some knowledge of basics (history, geography, polity and economy). However, as nothing is impossible, if you are a determined soul who wants to get a rank in one attempt, you too can follow this timetable diligently. 

Since we started Secure initiative, we have never stopped posting it even for a single day. Once we integrate Static part, we will post questions consistently as per the timetable and maintain consistency just like Secure. Going forward, we will integrate Daily Quiz with Secure initiative to help you prepare for both Prelims and Mains seamlessly. 

This Initiative starts Today. You can immediately start preparation. 

Outline of this Initiative:

Every day we will post 2 questions from static part as per timetable under Secure along with current affairs questions. You need to prepare for tomorrow’s syllabus today itself. For example, Today you are asked to read about contribution of important British personalities such as Viceroys/Governor Generals made between 1700 to 1947 – on which there will be two questions tomorrow in Secure. 

Syllabus appears huge, but if you can make group of 2-3 people, you guys can split syllabus into contributors who  contributed between 1700 to 1857 and 1857 to 1947 (if there are only 2 members in your group), read them, and then discuss them by sharing notes with each other. 

We have given you sources as well. We can not ask you to read ONE source for this topic as it’s scattered over many sources, especially in NCERTs. Therefore, we have given you list of NCERTs for this and other related topics. Once you start following this routine, you will get good at it within 3-4 days. No need to worry. 

Plan – 1: From Feb 7th to April 30th, we will complete all important Prelims cum Mains related sources with more weightage given to Mains syllabus. As of now, we are giving you targets for Next 6 days. Next week you will get complete Plan. 

Under Plan – 1, all important topics of Mains will be covered including the recent Economic Survey and Ethics syllabus. The best feature is you will get daily targets. It will be an exciting journey.

Plan – 2: From May 1st to June 15th, we will focus solely on Prelims Revision Plan (this timetable will be too given in advance).

Under Plan – 1, there will be regular Revision tests called Secure + Static Test on Mondays. You can give these tests as a test in a group at your home or institution. 

The aim of this program is to help you prepare well for Mains before Prelims itself that too without affecting your prelims preparation. 

Once you get the full timetable, you will get a clear picture. For now, start with following part of the Plan – 1.

Note: We will post 2 questions on Sundays too. This timetable is for tough ones. Mains Self Study Tests will be posted as usual for extra practice.

Day 1TuesdayFebruary 07Personalities and their contributions: British Viceroys/Governor Generals (Do comparative studies – For Ex, comparing contribution of Lord Curzon’s with that of Lord Wellesley’s etc)
NCERT Class VIII (Our Pasts III both Part 1 and 2); NCERT CLass IX History; Class XII Themes in Indian History III; Bipan Chandra – Struggle for India’s Independence
Day 2WednesdayFebruary 08Personalities from different parts of India and their contributions: Read contributions of all important freedom fighters from all parts of India (focus on very important personalities given in Bipan Chandra’s book of Freedom Struggle) Again do comparative study of their contributions. Focus more on their ideology and impact they have had on Indian society and polity.
Day 3ThursdayFebruary 09Same as above, but focus more on women contributors – both Indian and foreign.
Day 4FridayFebruary 10Important events and issues – 1700 to 1857 (Focus mainly on nature of events and their impact on policies of the British, important leaders, the INC and other organizations; For ex, in 2016 Mains there was a question of impact of 1857 Revolt on the British policy towards colonial India)
Day 5SaturdayFebruary 11Important events and issues – 1857 to 1900
Day 6SundayFebruary 12Important events and issues – 1900 to 1947
Day 7MondayFebruary 13SECURE + STATIC REVISION TEST (20 Questions)