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Shreya Kabir



As the year is set to bid adieu and the brand new year is about to set it’s foot in, many heads might be turning a bit philosophical today. While some might be putting ‘being an IAS officer’ at the very first place on their checklist for the New Year, others might be pondering over how to set all their guns blazing to be an IAS. If you fall in both the categories, what you might be listing down apparently are your New Year resolutions! Which means, how you will concentrate better or an agenda to study for 7-8 hours every day or a resolution to read newspaper ‘religiously’? Such are the New Year resolutions of an IAS aspirant!

Resolutions are the most hopeful things at the beginning of the year but, soon they turn on to being the most disheartening things in some time. This is because paradoxically like rules, resolutions are meant to be broken. In no time, does the resolution to study 7-8 hours per day lapses to 4-5 or maybe 3-4 hours. In no time, the resolution to take down notes while reading the newspaper, comfortably switches on to mere reading. And thus, in no time the resolution to progress towards success, starts falling apart!

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At the end of the year, you might reflect on your earlier resolutions and find yourself nowhere near to what you decided. But still, this will not stop you from penning down resolutions for the coming year. 2017 will also end like 2016! And maybe you’ll still be standing with the same list at the end of the year, but yet again with broken down resolutions. This is the result of what you might want to call ‘immediate gratification’. When long-term vision loses its horizon and only sees the road ahead, short-term gratifications are what blur this vision.

This is the loophole to the New Year resolutions. But, the graver root is ‘the lack of willpower to be consistent’. They say that, ‘any new habit takes 21 days to reinforce itself completely’. If only, you keep continuing to make notes of the newspaper articles for at least 21 days! The point is that no matter how many resolutions you make in your mind, how many resolutions you put on paper, till the time you don’t nurture them with you willpower and consistency they’ll not bear the fruit of success. Instead! They’ll start getting infected by weeds of immediate gratifications like procrastination, not solving mock papers or taking a break every third day!upsc ias motivation

The key is to ‘start honouring your word’. If you’ve given a word to yourself of studying 7-8 hours per day, then BE YOUR WORD! The world will know you by what you do and not by what you said you’ll do. Make your preparation resolutions not a means to crack the CSE, but an end itself. Start polishing every aspect of yours, which will be required by you to get selected as an IAS. Be it your answer-writing or your command over your optional or your overall personality. When in this way, the parts will be taken care of, who will stop you from grabbing the whole!

Now, if you are looking for an answer as to ‘how to your honour your word’? There is no answer to it, other than your own self. No one can teach you, ‘how to stay committed to your preparation (new year) resolutions?’ It will be your want to be consistent with your resolutions that will bring success and not the want to be successful. And consistency only comes, when one has the WILLPOWER to honour one’s word NO MATTER WHAT! So, this New Years make your strategies and your resolutions, but let the first and foremost pre-requisite resolution be: YOU’LL DO WHAT YOU RESOLUTE TO DO.

On this note, Wishing you all A VERY HAPPY, CONSISTENT, HARD-WORKING, MOTIVATED AND SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR! All the very best for your preparation in the New Year 2017! Keep working and keep believing! Cheers!


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