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MOTIVATION: The Checklist



The Checklist

Shreya Kabir

All’s been set! Boxes might have been arranged! Revision is being given a final touch and the feeling of relief from the preparation might be mixing with the nervousness of the pounding heart, for the coming days. Indeed we all know these are the few signs of Mains’16 approaching and sitting round the corner.Checklist

As you might be shifting from the pre-exam preparation to preparing for writing the paper, you might be going through a roller-coaster of emotions and thoughts. At one point you might be feeling all positive and decked up for the paper and on some other instances you might be dealing with bouts of anxiety or doubt. Whatever be your mental frame, in any situation you need to reiterate the commitment you have with yourself, till you get done with the exam. And, if you are finding it difficult, here’s a checklist to remind you that, what commitment you have to keep to yourself while writing the papers irrespective of what your temporary emotions might be:

  1. Don’t get loose in the last lap

“All’s well that ends well”. You need to ensure that you give every bit of your dedication while writing the papers as much you gave in the preparation. Don’t upsc ias motivationget overwhelmed with the approaching papers. Your complete effort will only bear fruits, when you cover all the parts of this exam diligently, which includes giving your best in writing the exam. This last lap is the most crucial part and you want it to end well.


  1. Last minute fill ins

Don’t give up. If you think there are some loopholes still left in the preparation, go ahead and plug them in. Don’t get paralyzed with exams so near. You don’t know, what might change the course of ias revisionthe paper for you with these last minute revisions to full proof your preparation. This doesn’t imply that you go bonkers with it, relax and just smoothly put that cherry on the cake.


  1. Positive mind-frame

This is the most important gift you can give to yourself, especially at this point. The paper will remain the same for everyone, what will differ is the attitude with which one approaches the paper. You need to ensure that you are surrounded by positive and upsc iasencouraging thoughts before the papers and all throughout that period. A calm mind can make a world of difference. Whatever might be your preparation level, you need to mix it with positivity to obtain the maximum results.


  1. Lot of self-belief

The coming exams will not be the test of your preparation and your abilities to serve the nation, but also majorly of your self-belief. You need to make sure that elements of doubt in your preparationupsc are minimal and self-belief and faith should be oozing from you. Your relentless toil of so many months and may be years will only reach its destination with your self-belief. Have confidence in yourself, your abilities, your preparation.


  1. Karm karo phal ki chinta mat karo”

Last but not the least, no matter how cliché this line might sound to you, it is what will ensure that all the above points are taken care of. All your doubts, negative thoughts and anxiety stem from your apprehension about the performance in exams and results. You’ve iasdone all that you had to do, now give your best shot in the papers and relax & breathe! What’s yours will come to you.


These exams hold a great importance in all aspirants’ lives and they must. Only the value your dream holds for you will help you in moving towards it, relentlessly. But don’t forget that you are not your dreams. You are not the success or failure in the coming exams, you are not the results. You are something more than these and your worth doesn’t depend on it. You are a traveller and the world is open for you. There is ‘no’ single journey that you ‘must’ take. But for now, the coming exams are the journey that you will be on. So make the most if it!


Wish you all the very very best!