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MOTIVATION: One Day at a Time


MOTIVATION: One Day at a Time

Shreya Kabir


“Make each day your masterpiece” – John Wooden

A valuable lesson of life encapsulated so simply in one line. To understand it deeply, is moving a step closer to your destiny of becoming an ‘IAS’.

What will fetch you success? With the same denomination of 24 hours in hand, your success depends on, how you spend it. The value that is being put into every hour of the day, is the value you are creating for your future.

As a civil service aspirant, the quality of the efforts that you put in today, will be reflected in the quality of your whole preparation. This, is rather an underrated concept. How can you expect success after a year of preparation, when you failed to create success in every day of it. Remember, a beautiful necklace of pearls is only made, by beautifully weaving every piece of pearl in the string.motivation

Often times, aspirants become too anxious of the end results and this becomes their biggest pitfall. A considerable amount of their invaluable time and energy is digressed towards worrying about the future. This mars their possibility of crafting a productive present. As a dire consequence, stress and negativity start to pile up which ultimately throws them into the vicious circle of inaction and worry.

The way out from this infinite loop is to develop the muscle of working consistently and developing the mind-set of ‘making each day count’. Work with all your might today, as there is no tomorrow that you know off. When in each day of your journey, you will be in the habit of making it a masterpiece, undoubtedly the end result has to be a masterpiece itself. The cumulative success earned every day, will definitely deliver a massive sum of it in the end. Focus on making your today fruitful and the rest will take care of itself. Remember, leaders and achievers are not born overnight. They live each day as a leader and achiever, before finally becoming one.

The plan is not the big win, the plan is winning today, right now!