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MOTIVATION: It’s Always Possible to Reach Your Goal




Life is such that no matter how much you try to be happy and motivated, there will be moments when you want to stop trying, and just escape to a place where nobody asks you who you are or what you are doing with your life. You crave for a situation where you don’t want to be accountable to anyone. You want to escape from questions, gazes and your own thoughts. You want respite from uncertain future; You want break from self doubts; You want to break free from all negative thoughts. 

On the other hand you want to forever stop practising answer writing; running behind mentors/peers/teachers for answer evaluation or for motivation; you want to forever stop reading news; you want to stop giving this exam or end up with any rank to escape from this cycle of uncertainty. Your name anywhere in the Final list becomes a lasting and only wish. Mounting frustration takes toll on health. You want to stay healthy to study very hard and give your best this time. All you want in the end is something to show to the world – that your efforts were not useless and there was purpose to your sacrifices.

But somehow you endure all the challenges that life throws at you and keep moving. You endure because your dream to become someone great is not a selfish one. You want to share your success with your loved ones, you want to share fruits of your success with people who need it most. Very thought of doing something for others, but not for yourself will push you to do great things in life. It might appear for some that everything they are doing is for themselves, but it’s not.  An achievement is an achievement because it’s called so by people who haven’t achieved it. No man is an island.

But dreaming all the time and doing nothing will punish you severely – severity of which you don’t realize at this moment. 

The daydream of imagining yourself as an IAS or IPS officer – enjoying all the perks –  vanishes once you wake up to the reality of you sitting and sweating in your congested room, ‘Vision’ in hand, ‘Insights’ before you, and surrounded by unopened heap of study materials amidst where a relaxed roommate is watching funny show on her/his laptop with giggle on his face. 

Lack of confidence, fear of failure will not let you dream great feats. To achieve your dream, you must act. You must face self doubts head on by first achieving small tasks at a time. 

You also need reality check to assess where you  stand at present. Knowing and remembering there is lot to do is very important.

If you are writing Mains this year, right now you should know that your chances of clearing it are bright if you write lots of answers, practice essays and revise as much as possible. If you are still dreaming about getting a rank without practising, it’s time you get a pen and start writing. 

If you are a person who has confidence to get good rank, but has stopped practicing assuming you have improved, then you are on wrong path. Don’t stop practising till the day of exam no matter how good you are. There is always room for improvement – more so in this exam. 

If you are getting doubts about clearing Mains – may be because of lack of sufficient preparation of Optional subject, or because of a surprise prelims result, Don’t Give Up yet. In 30 days you can do lots of things which help you inch towards your goal – this year or next year, your sincere efforts will certainly improve your chances. 

It’s a fact that there can be only one topper. There can be only as many ranks as there are vacancies. But there are thousands who want to be in the List. Appearance of your name in the list depends on how good your preparation is, not on how good others are preparing. If you can believe that you are going to be a topper and put proportionate efforts, you will end up with a good ank. With some luck, you might become a topper as well (At this point of time, self doubt won’t let you imagine yourself to be the next topper)

You must minimise luck factor in this exam. Mains exam offers you this chance. No matter what’s your level of preparation, work very hard to score extremely good marks in Mains. It’s a direct passport to your success – your liberation from cycle of uncertainty.

At this point of time, more than anything else, revision and practice plays crucial role. Start doing these. Don’t postpone.

Some people think that they would give few mocks few days before Mains. Give them today itself. There is absolutely no reason to postpone.

Some think that revising last week is good. No, revise now. Revise optional, revise questions and answers, revise notes – but, revise NOW. 

Importance of these small things will be felt later when you start wondering – ‘Where did I go wrong (despite all my efforts)?’ 

Only way you can boost your confidence is by doing something meaningful today. If you are lacking confidence right now, without second thought, finish one of the pending tasks immediately – it may be a mock test, an essay or revision of notes. Do it now and feel the positive change in attitude.

Remember that it requires lots of determination to stay consistent. Very few people are consistent. Strive to be consistent. Be consistent. You will definitely achieve your goal.

You will be truly free only when you realize that you tried your best. No matter how the world looks at you, you can at last be at peace with yourself if you now act sincerely. 

Far better things await you in future, but foundation must be laid now.