AIR spotlight summary on Supreme Court upholds Lodha Committee Report

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AIR spotlight summary on Supreme Court upholds Lodha Committee Report



Lodha committee report is to cleanse BCCI’s functioning. Supreme Court has accepted the Lodha Committee report and Supreme Court wants it to be implemented in letter and spirit.


This will have a far reaching impact. The unprecedented, richest and one of the oldest sports body in the country have been told, how they should run the game or how to conduct themselves and they have been reminded that they have to work in the interest of the masses.

This is the beginning of a new era in the cricket administration. This will bring transparency and restore the faith of masses on BCCI.


  • The Supreme Court upheld the ‘one state, one vote’ formula recommended by the Lodha committee. This means every member state will get full member status and they will have the voting rights. States with more than one cricket association, as in the case of Gujarat and Maharashtra, will have voting rights on a “rotational basis”—one at a time.
  • The states of the North East will now be made members, they will have a voice, they can look forward to participate, and there will be a platform for them to showcase their talent on the field and in administration. This is a positive step.
  • The Supreme Court also accepted a recommendation which stipulated that office-bearers of BCCI must not be over 70 years of age. This would also apply to state associations.
  • The Supreme Court upheld the term-limit recommended by the committee. Each of the office-bearers would have a three-year term and could contest a maximum of three terms, with a mandatory cooling-off period after each term.
  • The Supreme Court upheld to abolish dual posts, i.e., holding two posts at the same time. That would mean holding a post in the state association as well as the cricket board itself. When implemented, this could mean that some of the board’s most senior office-bearers would be compelled to choose one of the two posts they currently hold. There will be an end to cases of conflict of interest.
  • The Supreme Court also barred serving civil servants and ministers from being on BCCI’s board or that of their respective state associations. Government officials have their own role to play and have a great responsibility to run the respective departments. They should be concentrating on their departments. Same is the case with ministers.
  • BCCI is the country’s most powerful and richest sports body. The transaction of money is to be accounted. Supreme Court upheld that a nominee from the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) be made a part of BCCI’s managing committee. The aim is to bring in transparency and keep an eye on revenue utilisation.
  • BCCI gives subsidies to every state association which is to be used for the development of the game. We have seen the state associations not utilising this money. They don’t have a stadium of their own. The CAG will ensure there is no misuse of the funds.
  • Restructuring of IPL governing council will be done. Two nominees from the franchise will be represented in the governing council. Franchise is investing money which in turn is used for popularising the game or improving the infrastructure. They are a party to the success of IPL. So it is important to have their representation in governing council.  
  • The Supreme Court also ordered BCCI to establish a players’ association and fund it. Most of the countries encourage players association. It is basically to interact, debate, discuss the matters related to improving the state of the game and to improve the relation between the players and the administrators.
  • Supreme Court has left to the parliament to decide whether BCCI can come under the ambit of the Right to Information Act, and whether betting can be legalized. Justice Mudgal also recommended that betting should be legalized.


  • BCCI gives pension, medical insurance to its players, and it looks after its player’s best in the world. Ultimately in the whole exercise cricket will gain more than the officials or the players.
  • Youth is the soul of the system. Youth should come forward and bring in revolution not just in cricket administration but overall sports administration in the country. The Lodha committee report and Supreme Court’s decision will pave the way for better functioning of BCCI.