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August 28, 2016

Syllabus – New Public Administration

  1. New Public Administration may have neither been the saviour its enthusiasts promised, nor the devil its critics worried it would be. Discuss. (250 words)


Syllabus – Administrative thought

  1. “The design of physical structures, the anatomy of the organisation came first, and was indeed   the principle consideration.”

   “An organisation is a system of interrelated social behaviours of participants”

Analyse these statements and evaluate the contribution of the respective approach to Administrative theory. (250 words)


Syllabus – Challenges of liberalization, Privatisation, Globalisation;

  1. In the globalized Public Administration, hierarchy creates more ethical problems than it solves. Comment. (200 words)


Syllabus – Good governance.

  1. “‘Minimum Government and maximum governance’ is for advanced countries. India can’t afford that”. Critically comment. (200 words)


Syllabus – Challenges of Globalisation;

  1. “Even the global village is culturally plural rather than being homogeneous, meaning thereby that though the distances have shrunk, difference have not” Explain. (200 words)


Syllabus – Application type question from Nature and scope of Public Administration

6. Public administration today stands at the crossroads of public choice theory, pluralism, corporatism and elitism.” Discuss. (250 Words)


Syllabus – Challenges of Privatisation;

7. What according to you are the most important changes brought into public administration by Privatization movement. (200 Words)


Syllabus – Application question on Participative Management + Development Dynamics

  1. “For those who use the euphemism of ‘shared power’ for participation, the appropriate literature for guidance is practical politics and not organization and Management.”

“Stronger state and strong civil society are the need to develop both participatory democracy and responsive government as mutually reinforcing and supportive.”

Bring out the myths and realities associate with public participation. (200 words)


Syllabus – Maslow.

  1. “Most individuals reach a level where social need is prepotent and hardly a few reach a level of self actualisation” In the light of above statement comment on the Maslow’s needs of a better administrator. (200 words)


Syllabus – Theories of Leadership

  1. “Effectiveness of a leader is dependent on a proper match between a leader’s style of interaction with the subordinates and the degree to which the situation gives control to the leader” [Fiedler]. Discuss (200 words)