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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016 Day 9

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 9

26 August 2017


Syllabus -Application type question on Administrative behaviour.

Read following instances carefully and suggest what specific perspectives on organizational psychology of motivation would help the concerned organization to reconcile the needs of the following four persons with the needs of organization: (75 words X 4 = 300 words)

    1. A comes to his office with clock like punctuality; does his work with impeccable honesty and integrity; takes orders from above gladly; responds well to overtures by peers; but neither mixes with anyone himself nor seeks anyone’s  company. what is more, he seem quite happy in his isolation.
    2. B is an efficient charge hand at the welding shop. He is very outgoing and makes friends fast, but falls out with them very fast too. He is, however, easily pacified when anyone asks him to calm down in the name of the organization.
    3. C is completely happy and absorbed when he is teaching in the classes, and doesn’t at all mind when is workload gets heavier and covers new areas. But he gets angry when the finance section raises objection about his medical bills; and is furious that the higher administration is yet to give him full tenure.
    4. D is a metallurgist in the forge shop of the steel plan, and has received honors for his innovativeness in modifying conventional alloys. He also paints well and values his painting skills far more than his metallurgy and is extremely unhappy that company house journal did not finally carry his water sketch on its front cover.

Syllabus -Theory of Leadership;

  1. Leadership is the ‘influential increment over and above mechanical compliance with the routine directives of the organization’ [Katz and Kahn]. Analyze.

Syllabus – Herzberg

  1. “Satisfiers and dissatisfiers are not two extremes of one continuum rather they belonged to two different continuums.” Critically comment on Dual Unipolar trait theory in the light of above statement.

Syllabus – Morale;

  1. “Organization morale is more in private enterprises than in public enterprises in India.” Discuss and comment.