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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016 Day 7

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 7

24 August 2017


Syllabus -Miscellaneous

  1. “Legislative action is not subject to the rules of natural justice.” Explain the exceptions to the rule of natural justice. (200 words)

Syllabus -So called hidden syllabus

  1. “Lenin’s concept of Socialist management refers to directing the organisational development of Socialist society.” Explain. (200 words)

Syllabus – So called hidden syllabus

  1. “Karl Marx’s interpretation of bureaucracy was rooted in the history of the nature of the State”. Evaluate. (200 words)

Syllabus – Hidden syllabus question

  1. .the notion of informal organisation is a residual or cafeteria concept of diverse and sprawling contents. How does Gouldner established the need for understanding the interdigitations between the formal and informal organisation. (250 words)

Syllabus – Simon

  1. . ”Simon’s identifying decision-making as the core field of public administration appears logically acceptable but his positivist underpinning is problematic.” Critically examine the statement. (200 words)