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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge 2016 DAY – 6

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 6

23 August 2017


Syllabus -Functions of Executive – Barnard.

  1. “Globalisation has transformed the nature and character of State from traditional administrative Welfare State to a Corporate State.” Analyse the changes in the nature of public administration in this context. (200 words)

Syllabus -Dynamic Administration, Mary Follet

  1. Follett’s work was not directed towards the resolution of the conflict of ideas, but towards the resolution of structural conflicts between workers and capitalists.” In the light of the statement critically evaluate Follett’s idea of dynamic administration. (250 words)

Syllabus – Participative management, Mcgregor;

  1. According to Macgregor, “true professional help is not in playing God with the client, but in placing professional knowledge and skills at the client’s disposal.” In the light of above statement, justify how theory-Y is indicative and not prescriptive. (200 words)

Syllabus – Scientific management, Classical theory

  1. In what respects the Taylor’s “Scientific management” theory different from the classical organizational theory expounded by Gulick,Urwick etc ? (200 words)

Syllabus – Scientific management and its Critique; Hidden Syllabus.

  1. What light does Antonio Gramsci ‘s critique of Taylorism throw on its socio-psychological underpinnings ? (200 words)