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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge 2016 DAY – 5


PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 5

22 August 2017


Syllabus -Meaning, scope and significance of Public Administration

  1. “The term policy implementation is in some respects preferable to the label public administration.” Argue. (200 words)

Syllabus -Taylor’s Scientific management;

  1.  “Taylor’s ideas need modification in the context of post-industrial economies in contemporary era.” Justify with reasons.

Syllabus – World Economic Forum and Public Administration;

  1. “Davos Men” or “Stateless elite” see state as a remnant of past amidst globalisation. Analyse the relevance of public administration in Globalisation. Comment on relevance of “Davos Men” to the governance structures of the state.  (200 Words)

Syllabus – Application question on Simon.

  1. ‘Policy judgements comprise reality judgements, value judgements and instrumental judgements’ [Geoffrey Vickers]. Elucidate.

Syllabus – Simon

  1. “Three features characterise Simon’s original view of bounded rationality : search for alternatives, satisfying, and aspiration adaptation.” Elucidate