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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge 2016 DAY – 4

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 4

20 August 2017


SyllabusFrom the so called Hidden syllabus

  1. Waldo’s The Administrative State’ provides a fundamental challenge to some of the orthodox premises. Explain (250 words)

SyllabusWeber’s Bureaucratic model and its critique

  1. . “Weberian model of bureaucracy lacks emotional validity when applied to modern democratic administration.” Comment. (200 words)

Syllabus – Wilson’s vision of Public Administration

  1. “While professionalisation was advocated in the management of government, Wilson was well aware of the wider agenda of public administration.” Mohit Bhattacharya.In the light of above statement evaluate the relevance of Wilson’s ideas in developing countries of 21st century. (200 Words)

Syllabus – Taylor

  1. “Taylor’s Scientific management theory belongs to the 20th century. It fails when applied in modern industrial society”. Critically Comment. (200 words)

Syllabus – Classical theory.

  1. “Classical theory assumes automatons in the place of people and “rule of thumb” in the place of science”. Substantiate. (200 words)