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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge 2016 DAY – 3




PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 3

19 August 2017


Syllabus – Application question on Administrative behaviour;

  1. Is Peter Drucker justified in saying, “Management principles should not tell us what to do, but only tell us what not to do”? Comment (200 Words)

Syllabus – NPA

  1. New paradigms in public administration do not look at the discipline from a fresh perspective but merely rehash the old concepts.” Critically evaluate (200 Words)

Syllabus – Application question on Weberian thought.

  1. Do you think that over reliance on rules has sidelined emotive rationality of administrators? Do you think switching over to market oriented approach could change the scenario? (200 Words)

Syllabus – Public Choice theory and Hidden syllabus

  1. How do you rate the Public Choice’s ‘pleasure pain calculus of individuals’ to Benthamite public interest in public administration. Also explain the challenges faced by the bureaucracy to reorient itself for methodological individualism. (200 Words)

Syllabus – NPM and Public choice theory.

  1. “The state is essential for putting in place the appropriate institutional foundations for markets. Where the foundations are weak, the markets ruin the state”. Substantiate. (200 Words)