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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016 Day 2



PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Daily Answer Writing Challenge- 2016  Day 2

18 August 2017



Syllabus – Public Administration – Challenges of liberalization, Privatisation, Globalisation;

  1. “Globalisation has transformed the nature and character of State from traditional administrative Welfare State to a Corporate State.” Analyse the changes in the nature of public administration in this context. (250 words)


Syllabus – Application type question on New Public Management

  1. New public management and post new public management reforms initiatives affected the balance between managerial, political, administrative, legal, professional and social accountability. (250 words)


Syllabus – Good governance.

  1. “‘Niti Ayog’ is the missing pillar of India’s good governance” Do you agree? Comment on the possible improvements in India’s Good governance. (250 words)


Syllabus – Good governance.

  1. “Public administration is not just implementation of laws; it is also a means of social justice and social change”. Comment. (200 Words)


Syllabus – Nature of Pub Ad.

  1. “The study of public administration developed as an offshoot of political science or public law, and until recently administration as an academic subject was the very plain step-sister of these older disciplines”. Peter Self. Examine (200 Words)