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PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Answer Writing Challenge – 2016 Day-1




PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Answer Writing Challenge – 2016 Day-1

17 August 2016


Answer the following in 200 words:

Syllabus – “Public Choice Theory”

1) Discuss how the Public Choice Theory promotes the concept of ‘Steering’ and undermines the concept of ‘Rowing’ in visualising efficient and effective administration. (250 words)


Syllabus – Application type question on Nature and scope of Public administration

2) What are the implications of the post-structuralist perspective on the discrete aspects of Public Administration, coming from its epistemological positions? (200 words)


Syllabus – Application type question on Governance + Hidden syllabus

3) “Governance theory and the notion of governmentality have many points of convergence, but they run on parallel lines.” Comment.

Source –


Syllabus – Public Administration – Challenges of liberalization, Privatisation, Globalisation;

4) Public Administration in the neo-liberal era is government less by the instruments of internal accountability and more by those of external accountability. Elaborate


Syllabus – Application question on the First Chapter.

5) “ would appear that any definition of this field [Public Administration] would be either so encompassing as to call forth the wrath or ridicule of others, or so limiting as to stultify its own disciples.” Mosher. Critically comment.


Syllabus – Current Affairs + First Chapter syllabus.

6) “Minnowbrook Conference III used humanity-centric approach i.e its concerns were global concerns unlike other Minnowbrook conferences which were essentially subject-centric” Critically comment.