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Insights MAINS TEST SERIES-2016 – Online and Offline: Details


Last year also, we produced excellent result from our offline Mains Test Series initiative. Same question papers were posted for free on this website for the benefit of candidates who were preparing on their own. Those papers benefited many serious aspirants who depended on self-study and who could not afford to go for paid test series.

This year also we are going to post our question papers online. But the ‘Surprise‘ element is that we will also post model answers/synopsis of each test (except last 5 Tests) for all who are hoping to write Mains this year! (sorry if you expected Very big Surprise!)

To help those who can not come to Bangalore, we have decided to share both question papers and solutions online. We hope that at least synopses will help in self-review of your answers.

However, we will not be uploading question papers and solutions openly on this website for certain obvious reasons. We will either form a Google Group of only serious aspirants or create a platform to allow you to download our papers. If it’s Google Group, we will share all papers for free of cost. If it’s a web platform, we might charge nominal Rs 100/- or  Rs 200/- for entire test series (35 Tests)!

On 17th August or before we will open Registration (A simple form to fill unlike previous ones!)


From this year itself we are conducting Free Offline Mains test series for deserving candidates in our Bangalore centre. We have selected a pool of students (about 30) selected from offline prelims test series-2016 and few other students from previous batches. About 70% of these students are freshers or have written Mains only once or twice. We are confident of producing at least 20 ranks from this batch in CSE-2016. 

This is an effort to move towards a model where ultimately 20-30 most deserving candidates will get free offline guidance for a complete year in coming years.  Most of them will be fresh graduates from weaker sections. 

NOTE: This year we are not having any non-core batch.  Please do not mail us or call us for offline test series. We are also NOT inviting anyone for offline test series (Core or Non-Core batch).


This timetable will help you revise all four General Studies Papers at least 4 times before Mains.

By following this timetable, you will both improve your speed of writing and quality of answers (multiple revision helps here).

This test series consists of 35 High Quality tests. Our program of 30-35 tests has helped many get ranks. And we are glad that others are following this intensive model. 

The books to be referred is not given. However, we will be framing questions mainly from NCERT books, Current Events, important reports, important websites and from few standard books such as Bipan Chandra (Pre and Post independence), Norman Lowe (World History).

You may refer to whatever resources you have been reading. When it comes to writing answers for Mains questions, not any one source will rescue you. Instead, your knowledge accumulated from diverse resources will save you. 

But most important source you must refer is Secure Compilations! If you haven’t realized their importance, please read this article by Rank -4 Artika Shukla (CSE-2015)

You just need to work on putting relevant points within given word limit. We hope our synopsis would help in this regard.

Most important thing is to write all tests on regularly without fail. 

We have noticed in our offline program that those who constantly seek improvement and are consistent in writing all tests are the ones who finally get rank. 

So, start preparing for the First Test. You will not notice or feel the importance of this timetable until and unless you start believing in it and following it. Trust us!

Wish you all the best.

Reminder: Please register on 17th to avail this benefit.


DOWNLOAD: Insights Mains 2016 Offline Timetable (PDF) 

DOWNLOAD: Insights Mains 2016 Offline Timetable (Excel)

(Timetable appears very hectic, but if you read basic books at least once, it’s easily manageable. Also you don’t have much time to read relaxingly. You must push limits now. Because in Mains lies your fortune)


Test – 119-Aug-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 1101 HourArt & Culture, Modern History of India + Secure January 1 to 10, 2016
Test – 222-Aug-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 1101 HourWorld History + Secure January 11 to 20, 2016
Test – 324-Aug-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 1101 HourIndian Society and Geography Topics + Secure January 21 to 31, 2016
Test – 426-Aug-2016FridayEssay2 Topics  
OPTIONAL TEST27-Aug-2016Saturday    
Test – 529-Aug-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 2101 HourFirst Seven Topics of Paper – 2 i.e. till RPA act + Secure February 1 to 10, 2016
Test – 631-Aug-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 2101 HourNext Six Topics i.e till Issues relating to poverty and hunger + Secure February 11 to 20, 2016
Test – 72-Sep-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 2101 HourNext Six Topics i.e. till Important International Institutions + Secure February 21 to 29, 2016
Test – 87-Sep-2016WednesdayEssay2 Topics  
Test – 99-Sep-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 3101 HourFirst Five Topics – Till Issues related to direct and indirect farm subsidies + Secure March 1 to 10, 2016
OPTIONAL TEST10-Sep-2016Saturday    
Test – 1014-Sep-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 3101 HourNext Seven Topics i.e. Achievements of Indians in science & technology + Secure March 11 to 20 2016
Test – 1116-Sep-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 3101 HourNext Seven Topics i.e.Various Security Forces etc + Secure March 21 to 31, 2016
Test – 1219-Sep-2016MondayEssay2 Topics  
Test – 1320-Sep-2016TuesdayGeneral Studies – 4101 HourFirst two topics + Secure April 1 to 10, 2016
Test – 1423-Sep-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 4101 HourNext three topics + Secure April 11 to 20, 2016
OPTIONAL TEST24-Sep-2016Saturday    
Test – 1526-Sep-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 4101 HourLat three topics + Secure April 21 to 30, 2016
Test – 1628-Sep-2016WednesdayEssay2 Topics  
Test – 1730-Sep-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 1152 HoursFirst half i.e. till Salient features of Indian society + Secure May 1 to 10, 2016
OPTIONAL TEST1-Oct-2016Saturday    
Test – 183-Oct-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 1152 HoursNext half till end + Secure May 11 to 20 2016
Test – 195-Oct-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 2152 HoursFirst half till Development processes and development industry + Secure May 21 to 31, 2016
Test – 207-Oct-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 2152 HoursNext half till end
OPTIONAL TEST8-Oct-2016Saturday    
Test – 2117-Oct-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 3152 HoursFirst Half till Investment models + Secure June 2016 full month
Test – 2219-Oct-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 3152 HoursNext half till end + Secure July 2016 full month
Test – 2322-Oct-2016SaturdayGeneral Studies – 4152 HoursFirst Half till Emotional intelligence-concepts + Secure August 1 to 15, 2016
Test – 2425-Oct-2016TuesdayGeneral Studies – 4152 HoursSecond half till end + Secure August 16 to 31, 2016
Test – 2527-Oct-2016ThursdayEssay2 Topics3 Hours 
OPTIONAL TEST29-Oct-2016Saturday    
Test – 262-Nov-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 1253 HoursComplete Syllabus + Secure September 2016 – full month
Test – 277-Nov-2016MondayGeneral Studies – 2253 HoursComplete Syllabus + Secure October 2016 – full month
Test – 2811-Nov-2016FridayGeneral Studies – 3253 Hours 
Test – 2916-Nov-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 4253 HoursComplete Syllabus + Secure till November 15, 2016
Test – 3018-Nov-2016FridayEssay2 Topics 3 Hours 
Test – 31 & 3222-Nov-2016TuesdayGeneral Studies – 1 & 2203 Hours each (Morning + Afternoon) 
Test – 33 & 3423-Nov-2016WednesdayGeneral Studies – 3 & 4203 Hours each (Morning + Afternoon) 
Test – 3524-Nov-2016ThursdayEssay2 Topics 3 Hours Morning 
UPSC CS Mains – 20163-Dec-2016Saturday