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Motivation and Practical Tips for Prelims by Topper – Abhishek Gupta IPS

Practical Tips for CSE – Prelims 2016

Abhishek Gupta, IPS, Rank 202, CSE-15

Hello everyone. This post is meant to serve as a last minute tip for all candidates writing CSE-Prelims 2016.

The most important aspect now is your attitude. Your temperament will determine which side of the result you will be on, regardless of whatever you have studied so far. Be confident, calm and composed. I personally do not prefer last minute revision as it has the potential to disturb you or to take your mind toward something you have read just before entering the examination hall, even if the question does not demand that.

Make sure you reach the centre in time and double check on items to carry. I used to carry a small chocolate with me for use whenever I felt distracted during the paper. The reason why temperament is most crucial now is because it makes recollection of accumulated knowledge easy. Confidence lets common sense flow easy.

Read the questions properly and with full attention. Underline the words ‘’NOT Correct’’ or ‘’Correct’’ while reading the question. Just believe that you have read the topic somewhere and try to recollect and I am sure it will be there. You will have the answer. BUT! The game is not over until you have marked the right OMR. So be very careful throughout the paper – till 100 questions are done and marked securely, do not let that adrenaline rush overwhelm you.

Many questions in prelims can be done by basic understanding and many by just eliminating ridiculous wrong options. Use these tricks. Do not doubt the paper-setter. Do not feel the paper-setter has tried to trick you in each and every question. Look for a simple explanation to reach an answer. Cross-check. If things work, finish with it. Do not be sceptical if you start getting answers to all questions.

One crucial strategy is to be consistent throughout. Do not panic if you are unable to answer 4-5 questions at a stretch. At the same time, do not dwell in complacency if you get all right in one page. Your target is to complete a set of 100 questions. Till that is done, work is not over.

On the number of questions to attempt. Ideally this should depend on both the level of paper and your accuracy. However, the range should be 80-100. Attempting anything below 80 would require an extremely high level of accuracy which is seldom achieved. My target last year was to attempt 90+ questions and I attempted 92. My score was 127.

Lastly, have faith in yourself and that thing called your ‘mind’. Accumulated knowledge is always under-rated. Do not panic in the last day if you come across something you do not know or feel you have not read. Check it out if you have time or want to. Otherwise let it be. If you can get right anything from 60-70 questions, you ARE writing Mains. Revise atlas on the last day or short notes if you have made them yourself. That is more objective than anything else and easy to feed an anxious mind.

Rest adequately. Sleep as peaceful as possible. Sleep as much as possible. Talk to family members and close friends only before the exam. Have a light breakfast before the exam. Enjoy writing the exam. Prelims has its own charm. Relax. Enjoy. Win!

All the best. You will do great.

Abhishek Gupta.