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Insights Revision Plan for Prelims 2016: Test – 9

Insights Revision Plan for Prelims 2016: Test – 9


13 June 2016

Questions Based on Day – 9 Syllabus

NOTE: Questions based on Day – 10 will be posted from Tomorrow.

Please Read before you Proceed to Take Today’s Test:

Hope you have completed yesterday’s targets and now ready to give this test. Please note that you should not worry about scores in these tests. Questions are mainly intended not to test your knowledge, but show which areas to focus when you study and how to study them. It’s more a learning process than testing process.

If you have any doubt, please discuss them in comment section.  We are not giving explanations for CSAT questions (Yes, we have included them too!), please someone from you explain them in comment box. As of now we are posting previous year CSAT questions.

Note: As sources are numerous, we can not cover all of them within 20-25 questions. Even then, please try to complete 100% of targets. You will never know from which topic question might come!

Insights Prelims 2016 Revision Tests

The following Quiz is based on Topics given under Insights Revision Plan for Prelims 2016 (Click Here for timetable)

To view Solutions, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on – ‘Start Quiz’ button

  2. Solve Questions

  3. Click on ‘Quiz Summary’ button

  4. Click on ‘Finish Quiz’ button

  5. Now click on ‘View Questions’ button – here you will see solutions and links.