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MOTIVATION: Follow Timetable and Avoid Procrastination

Recently we posted Insights Revision Plan for prelims 2016. Hope you have gone through it and already started studying according to the plan.

If you haven’t, either you must be having your own timetable, or our timetable might have scared you off. If you are already following it, be on track and resolve never to postpone a thing. 

If you are following your own timetable or other timetable, stick to it if it’s working. If it’s not working, do not waste your time. Follow what’s working for the majority. 

Once you begin, there will be distractions – in the form of commitments, unwanted calls, visits etc. Your utmost commitment should be to your studies. Days are disappearing fast. Time is less. Stay away from distractions. 

Even if there are no distractions, you might tend to postpone or try to alter your schedule. You might start with great enthusiasm and lose the steam after few hours, or after few days. Whenever you feel like postponing something, imagine this: many people are following the timetable. They are racing ahead. Will you stay behind in the race?

One most important thing is that it’s very difficult to achieve 100% targets. But not impossible. However, even if you can complete 50-80% of targets, be happy. Don’t worry about left out portion. You can cover it later. But, come what may – never Quit. 

It is easy to quit. You will get plenty of reasons to quit: Timetable is too hectic; I am a slow reader; I can’t take the pressure; I am not able to complete all targets – hence what’s the point in studying? etc. All along our lives we get these kind of reasons for every occasion when we are about to quit something. Here the attitude matters. Those who know harsh realities of life will not quit. It doesn’t matter whether you will win or lose. Giving your 100% matters. In the end at least you will earn satisfaction and respect. But if you quit, you will lose both.

Why are we emphasising on this so much? 

Because we want you to win. We know how painful it is to lose. How painful it is to wait for so long to achieve your goal. When there is an opportunity, you must grab it and make use of it fully. 

The plan we have posted might appear overwhelming. It’s not. It’s not unrealistic. Completing one or two NCERTs in a day is not impossible. You just have to push yourself hard. Remaining two months are crucial. You can not take prelims lightly.

Revise and revise everything you have studied till now. In prelims, you can score very good marks if revise very well. Most students complain that they are not scoring good marks in prelims test series. It’s mainly because of lack of revision. The tendency is to read every new thing till the last minute. If you are not revising whatever you are reading, everything you are doing is not at all productive.

All you need is strong determination. When you have ability and resources win this exam, why become lazy and sacrifice your rank to an unknown person?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine where you want to be? Imagine the faces of people who are sacrificing so much for you? Imagine the faces who are hoping that you would achieve something great and bring happiness to all?

The day when you want the world to celebrate your success must be earned. Only solution – Hard Work. There exist no alternative. 

Nobody is stopping you. If somebody is stopping you, it’s you only. Even after lots of motivation, very few will completely follow the timetable till the end. Most likely, they emerge as winners. Be that winner.

The amount of hard work you need to put now is nothing compared to the kind of happiness and attention you would get once you get into IAS/IPS. Your life transforms. To experience that moment, now stop day-dreaming and get back to studies. 🙂

Wish you all the best.