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Thank You Note: Dr Ravindra Goswami, Rank – 152, Cleared while working as Doctor (CSE – 2015)

Dr Ravindra Goswami

Rank – 152, CSE – 2015

The age at which I decided to give the civil service examination was not in favour of me, neither was the social structure (Being married and father of two children – society was expecting more active involvement in family matters). Yet it was my wife who showed me the path to try to realise the dream i.e. to become an IAS officer. 

First I sacrificed the good Post graduation degree in surgery and took the non clinical branch so that I could devote time to study. People around me kept on telling me that I had crossed the good age of UPSC preparation and it was futile effort: my family including my children again came to rescue my dream and then I focused on the preparation.

I was a working professional and I could not afford to take leave due to family responsibility. Here came the insightsonindia to  rescue my dream. Two years ago insightsonindia was not that much sophisticated, yet the team insights was doing its best to provide not only reading materials but also words of wisdom.

The Insightsonindia never let the competitiveness down and constantly motivated me to perform better.
Also it led the foundation of the confidence that work and preparation can go together.

After getting good score in prelims  I again looked towards insightsonindia. It reverted to me with secure initiative.
I was a silent spectator at this site yet it was my unbroken routine to write the answers of secure from 6pm to 8pm which helped me improve my GS. I formed a small group of 3 persons and we used to review our answers each other. This exercise proved its worth during mains examination as my speed was good enough to solve all questions and mains examination questions were all familiar.

In essay, in my previous attempt I scored low marks – the reason was lack of practice.  Then came the insights article on essay preparation And I wrote almost 30 essays between pre and mains from the essay topics provided by insights.

And this resulted in a decent score in essay too. The regularity of posting the questions was another thing that helped me streamline my preparation. I used to tell myself that if insightsonindia is taking so much of pain for me I should not ask for comfort or rest!

The new journey as servant of India is about to start for me, what this website has told me is to “Do your duty, It will definitely transform into motivation to others.”

Thank you insightsonindia.

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