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ETHICS CASE STUDY: What will you do? Justify.

Topic: Ethical concerns and dilemmas in government and private institutions

8) You are posted as District Collector (DC). In a village where illegal granite quarrying is rampant, local police seize five vehicles illegally carrying granite. The police are roughed up by an unruly mob said to be supporters of granite mafia. When the police refuse to give back vehicles despite facing threat, the mob demand that they would want to see DC on the spot or else situation would be made much worse by resorting to road blockades and violent activities. When the news reaches you, you decide to go there in the morning as it was already dark. But you receive a message that if you do not go there the situation could turn worse. The SP of district, a lady,  softly warns you not to go in the night and she would manage the situation till morning. She says that the situation is much worse than you have imagined and there will be threat to your life. But you get a call from Chief Minister that you must visit the spot immediately and negotiate with the mob to end the fiasco peacefully.

What will you do? Justify. (150 Words)

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