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TIMETABLE: Mains Self Study Guide – 2016

As said earlier in few posts, we will be posting Mains questions along with Prelims tests series for free on our website. This is a bonus feature to show our gratitude to you. It is also a good strategy for you to follow if you are aiming to get a rank in 2016.

Along with prelims preparation, you will also prepare well for Mains (2016) by July 2016 if you religiously follow the timetable from the day – 1 itself.

We will be posting around 10 questions based on topics given in the timetable on the same day as prelims test in the evening around 7 pm.

We have already outlined strategy to be followed for 2016. We will again briefly explain you the same here:

The present timetable will help you prepare well for prelims from basics to advanced topics including current affairs. Because of integration of Mains topics, you will also be studying all static part of Mains syllabus. So the timetable mainly helps in covering static part of Mains syllabus along with complete syllabus of prelims.

The current events part is being taken care at Secure initiative.

We will also start CSAT initiative from mid or late February to make your preparation for prelims complete. This will be free initiative like daily current events quiz accessible to all for free.

Hence, if you follow the timetable + Secure  + CSAT (from when it starts) daily without fail, be assured of very good preparation both for prelims and mains. After prelims, all you need to do is revision and practicing.

In addition to these daily debates will help you in interview preparation. If you have participated in them, you will have come to know the usefulness of this feature. It helps in getting clarity on an issue. This clarity helps both in mains and Interview.

Of course there is daily current events and quiz (from Mid – November we will ask questions from that day’s newspaper) to supplement your preparation.

You just have to be consistent when you make up your mind to follow these initiatives. Please write daily at least 2 answers either in your notebook or on website. Don’t wait to know content first and try your hand at writing later. Start with easiest one for which you might already know soe answer. Slowly move to answer complex questions. If you wait to gain knowledge first and write later, the day will never arrive as there is no limit to gaining knowledge. So, please start immediately. This will definitely help you.

Regarding Timetable:

We have included two important books which we think freshers/experienced must read for Mains if you are preparing for 2016 exam. They are:

  1. Challenge And Strategy : Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy – Rajiv Sikri
  2. Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design – PRATAP BHANU MEHTA

We will be specifying specific chapters later. These books are in addition to other books which are commonly recommended by toppers.

For some topics such as world history, you can follow any one good source in addition to wikipedia or britannica. We suggest Norman Lowe’s book (It doesn’t cover all topics though)

During gap between successive tests everything is packed. Assume this as one year and final journey towards securing rank and give your 100% commitment.

Download Timetable

Note: Mains Self Study Topics are appended to the same Prelims timetable. We will modify it as and when need arises without affecting whole framework (to include any other important topics if they are important and necessary).

Click below link to download timetable:

Prelims + Mains Self Study Timetable – 2016

Thank you for your support and love.