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MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 17 (GS-3)

MAINS SELF STUDY GUIDE: Insights Mock Test – 17 (GS-3)


NOTE: Those who want to write in notebook should treat this as a Real Exam and try to complete the paper within One and Half Hours. You can download PDF copy of the same HERE. The Timetable is HERE.

Insights Mains Offline Test Series 2015


Mock Test – 17                                                                                                           

28 October 2015

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Answer ALL the questions in NOT MORE THAN 200 words each. Contents of the answers are more important than its length. All questions carry equal marks. (10×10 = 100)



  1. The illegal immigration from Bangladesh has been a burning issue in the North East of India, especially in Assam, and has not only security, but also serious socio-political implications. Critically examine these implications and the measures taken by both countries to deal with them.


  1. Critically assess India’s disaster management preparedness and the role of the Indian armed forces.


  1. In 2006, the union government unveiled 14 – point policy to deal with the naxal movement. Critically comment on this policy.


  1. “The Indian intellectual property rights system represents one of the most mature IP systems amongst developing countries.” Do you agree with this statement? Substantiate.


  1. “Many experts believe a future war between major powers could play out in space, as nations are producing spacecrafts that have potential military applications.” Discuss.


  1. “Animal meat and processed meat are hazardous to both health and environment.” Critically examine.


  1. What do you understand by ‘Liquid Biopsy’ – which is considered as one of the breakthrough technologies of recent years? Examine its applications.


  1. A new desalination plant in Israel, called Sorek, will produce 627,000 cubic meters of water daily, providing evidence that such large desalination facilities are practical. What is the technology involved in this plant? Examine its significance for the world.


  1. Write a note on Project Loon and its significance for mankind.


  1. Critically discuss India’s maritime security challenges and India’s preparedness to handle them.