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SOCIOLOGY – 2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 24

SOCIOLOGY – 2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 24


Topic:- Paper-II, Caste system and Social Classes in India.

(1) “Casteism is the modern edition of the caste system “.Do you agree with this statement? Discuss with arguments.(250 words)

(2) Critically assess the forms in which untouchability continues to be practised.(200 words)

(3) Changes that the agrarian social structure in India is undergoing,Comment.(250 words)

(4) Discuss the factors which contributed to industrial modernization in India.what are the salient features of new Industrial class
structure?(250 words)

(5) Write a short note with sociological perspectives view on “Emergence of middle class in India”.(250 words).

Next Topic:Paper-I,Works and Economic Life.