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ETHICS CASE STUDY: How will you handle this situation? Justify.

Topic: Ethical concerns and dilemma 

8) You are working as superintendent of police in a naxal affected district. Recently, naxalites have kidnapped five of your policemen and two local political leaders. They are demanding a complete ban on bauxite mining in the district in exchange for safe return of kidnapped persons. You are worried about the lives of kidnapped persons. Previously no policeman was sent home alive by naxalites. Family members of policemen, who are extremely scared, are requesting you take action and help release them immediately. The district administration is adamant that mining can not be stopped as it involves millions of dollars of investment and also is a source of employment for tribal youth. The state government has asked you to take appropriate action in this situation to deal with the situation. You decide to personally lead a team of highly trained force to fight naxalites and rescue kidnappers. Your wife is completely opposed to this idea. She pleads you to send a junior officer to lead anti-naxal operations instead of you leading it personally. She is scared for your life.

How will you handle this situation? Justify. (200 Words)

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