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Lok Sabha TV Insights: Syrian Crisis

Lok Sabha TV Insights: Syrian Crisis



Russia’s Military Involvement

According to Putin he will go to any extent to safeguard Russian interest. Russia wants to check ISIS development and is increasing its military presence in the region. According to Russia, ISIS is more dangerous than President Assad and can be monster as they are planning for Islamic Caliphate.

Bashar al Assad has asked help from Russia and this is first major military operation outside its neighborhood since soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989.


West is not happy and they are seeing it as Russia’s unnecessary intervention. And with respect to refugee crisis no consensus has been met by Europe or NATO

What should be done?

Pragmatic and realistic approach should be taken by US and Europe and they should accept Russia’s role. In fact their support system should focus should be on ISIS so that no vacuum is created.

International coordination is required to handle ISIS and its offshoots in the region

Political strengthening is also required in the regions like Iraqi government, between Syria vs. Kurdish element, etc.

It should be treated as global problem and UN should involve immediately and aggressively to solve the crisis with help of member states.

Recent developments which can play role

Now Iran is major player in the region after the nuclear agreement and has backed the removal of ISIS for regional security and stability.

Europe is no more insulated to the problems and is alert due to Refugee crisis and now accepting the refugees.

Humanitarian crisis and growth of ISIS is making world power restless.

Why the Muslims of west and other countries are joining ISIS?

Dozens of people are going to join ISIS. They feel that Western nations has not treated them properly and in reaction to it various terrorist outfits are coming out

Domestic developments of the countries are also responsible for increasing fundamentalism.

Has UN failed in solving the crisis of middle east?

Though in the past Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations, has said that the organization was responsible for a “collective failure” to halt more than two years of atrocious violence in Syria. But, UN’s relevance is not in question but its effectiveness is for sure in crisis. Present UN “text based negotiations” shows relevance of UN

Presidency of UN is rotational so countries are playing in-depth role in UN functioning. We need to understand Why UN has not been able to perform

What India should do?

India hosts more than two lakh refugees and is at the center of refugee movements in South Asia. Despite this, India is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Refugee convention, nor does it have a domestic asylum framework as it fears that this would encourage more refugee inflow.

India’s refugee protection framework is based on a combination of executive policies and judicial pronouncements.

In the past India has been a generous host to several persecuted communities and does more than many signatory countries. But, now India needs to devise legal framework at both domestic and regional levels. As the only stable democracy in South Asia an demerging power with aspirations to permanent membership of UNSC, it is incumbent on government to lead by examples and reinforce our historic commitment to refugee protection.

India with its human resources and skills could offer to help out European Nations.

India is 2nd most populous Islamic nation after Indonesia. And it is also struggling with the terrorist activities. India should be concerned about the increasing writ of jihadist group ISIS. Here India with its intellectual depth in Islamic matters can provide the necessary strategic flexibility.