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POLITICAL SCIENCE-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 3

PSYCHOLOGY-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 3


Answer in 200 words:

  1. What is meant by behavioural approach to politics? Is it a fool-proof approach? How far is it correct to say that the behavioural approach to political analysis appeared in order to counteracts the Marxist approach?-98**
  2. Political Theory is, quite simply, mans attempt to consciously understand and solve the problems of his group life and organization. It is the disciplined investigation of political problems. Not only to show what a political practice is, but also to show what it means. In showing what a practice means, or what it ought to mean, political theory can alter what it is (Sabine).
  3. Behaviouralism is a subtle defence of status quo
  4. Behaviouralism has revolutionised political science.


Political Theory: meaning and approaches