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HISTORY-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 1

HISTORY-2015: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 1


04 September 2015

Archaeological sources:Exploration, excavation, epigraphy numismatics, monuments.
Literary sources:
Indigenous:Primary and secondary ; poetry, scientific literature, literature , literature in regional languages, religious literature.
Foreign accounts: Greek, Chinese and Arab writers.


Answer in 300 words:
1) Determine- the veracity of Megasthenes’ descriptions of Indian society and economy with the help of other contemporary evidences.
2) Assess the pattern of settlement, economy social organization and religion of India during C 200 to 500 BC from archaeological evidences.
3) Discuss the changing approaches to the study of early Indian history.
4) “Reconstruction of Early Indian history is hardly possible without the help of inscriptions and coins.” Discuss.